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Bluefire7777 posted on Mar 26, 2012 at 07:08PM
Welcome! Welcome! Its time again after 25 years for the newest series of the Hunger Games. This year is extra special in which we have past rebel uprising families children to become glorious tribute in this years games! Here are this years tributes! And may the odds ever be in your favor!

District 1
Male: Edgar Castro- He is very stuck up on the outside and sweet on the inside blonde hair and nice bluish brown eyes. he has a secret that he dares to tell
Female: Kathryn Rose and she is from district 1 she frantically changes her hair color and is very stealthy her eyes are grey

District 2
Female: Caprine Diamond- tall platinum blond girl with dark violet like eyes 17 years old

District 3
Female: Jennifer. Evil twisted minnded little girl dark hair and black eyes has no sympathy for anyone she is 12

District 4
Male: Percy Homair- a handsome tall 17 year old boy with windblown/ slightly curly brown hair and blue eyes. District 4
Female: Trista-15, wide blue eyes and black hair, relatively small, but has lots of upper body strength from spearing fish, nick name "trout"

District 5
Male: Castor Sterlingfeld- small black hairred boy with tan skinned and bron eyes quiet and soft spoken 12 years old
Female: Ivy Sterlingfeld- medium sized girl with curly black hair and tanned skin with deep grey eyes 16 years old

District 6
Female: Alora- Pretty 16 year old pale wavy blonde haired girl with pale skin and pale blue eyes

District 7
Male: Wesley Jonhson- Tall, muscular boy with shorter black hair and brown eyes, not the brightest
Female: Alexandria ( Ali)King - a pretty 15 year old girl with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes

District 8
Male James Conlion- A handsome 16 year old boy with black hair and green eyes
Female: Mayleen Wintergreen- shy 15 year old with straight ashy blond hair and icy green eyes

District 9
Female:Braylee-Rae Henry- Short girl with long, dark blonde hair, dark green eyes and freckles, small build with lean muscles

District 10
Male:Gavin montagoe-sandy blonde hair, brown eyes, 15, district 10, tall lanky build
Female: June Morris- A pretty 16 year old girl with light golden hair with blue grey eyes

District 11
Male: Nick Porter. He is short with black hair and blue eyes and is very stealthy a little bit too stealthy oh and they are both 14

District 12
Male: Red- tallish bulky build 17 year old boy with brownish orange hair and gray eyes withtan skin

District 13
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