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A wild day at Six Flags Magic Mountian

Fan fiction by PikaPower posted over a year ago
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It was a nice beautiful not too hot sunny day in Valencia, California. So I've decided to go to Six Flags Magic Mountain and ride all their roller coasters. When I got there the first I went on was Goliath, it was a big Orange and teal giant coaster. Then after I rode X2 and it made my head spin even after I've rode it. Then I rode Batman: the ride and sung the Batman song for the entire ride, but all of the other riders got annoyed with my singing. After lunch I rode Ninja and the ride reminded me of the Iron Dragon at Cedar Point and then after that Tatsu, but it broke while I was on it. Then I got more head spinning action on Green Lantern: First Flight. I don't bother riding the kiddie coasters Canyon Blaster and Road Runner Express, because they're for Credit Whores. But I did ended up riding both tracks of Colouses and after that I rode Riddler's Revenge and lasty Apocalypse.
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sounds like an awsome time did u go alone or with friends.
posted over a year ago.