Rupert I think was cast as the best of the three. I wish they would of given him more lines to show his bravery and loyalty. Steve Kloves ruined Ron by giving all of his lines to either hermione or harry. On that note, I hate how they always seem to push Harry/Hermione (movies made more people harmony shippers). Kloves is quite lucky that Rowling likes him, and they both dismiss these concerns with ‘well, some of our fans are really hardcore’ but we don’t usually nitpick at the little things. This isn’t a little thing. Another little thing that we usually keep quiet about, only Rupert Grint’s explosive performance of him in Deathly Hallows brought it to light is how little credit Kloves gives to Ron. He’s the single most important relationship in Harry’s life.He’s a brother, famiy, and his the best friend. He’s his Wheezy. Ron is insensitive sometimes , but most of times he’s the heart of the trio.

So I want everyone's opinion about this and am i being too hard on Steve Kloves? There is so much more things I could say about this and how he ruined Romione's realationship.