Rory and Jess Pulling a Rory

unfair_love posted on Aug 12, 2008 at 11:03PM
OMG (gosh... NEVER GOD)am I pulling a rory and jess thing? I had a relationship with a guy named Jared (lets call him the Dean in this story)... but my parents dissaproved SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO we "Broke Up", but I still liked him. But just last week I met this AMAIZING boy who likes me (the jess)... and well... I think i might like him. I can't stop thinking about him! I don't want to stop likeing (Dean)... but I don't want to turn down (Jess)if indeed this will turn out like Rory and Jess.
What do yall think?... O i was out of town when i met (Jess)

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over a year ago caiti21 said…
Make sure your Jess won't make the same mistakes... Is he grown up enough to take care of you? Is there an actual future, because you did JUST meet, apparently. Why didn't your parents like your Dean? It's important to factor their ideas in, because not everyone's a Lorelai...and she wasn't great with Jess.

Above all else, don't further pull a Rory by treating Dean like crap, and then if you do decide on Jess, don't continue to compare him to Dean (I think that killed Jess). Be fair and open.
over a year ago unfair_love said…
Hey thanks! I will think about that... I'm sick at the moment... so I will have ALL DAY to think! :')*** (Thats a snowman!)
over a year ago Gilmore_Lover said…
Yea i agree with caiti21. She is right don't treat him like crap or mess with his head [dean]. Because that would be really unfair. And you said that you were out of town when you met jess are you ever going to see him again.