Rosalie Cullen Rosalie icon comp!

emmett posted on Mar 07, 2010 at 03:08AM
Prize is 10 props!

So what you have to do is submit ONE icon (Of Rosalie) of your choice that you love or think I'll love. Then once the competeition ends i'll pick a winner (the icon I love the best). Good luck! :)

Competition ends on St Patricks Day (17th March 2010) :)
* You can't add an icon that someone else has already added
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Rosalie Cullen 4 replies

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over a year ago fanop101 said…
whatever bitch! haha!
whatever bitch! haha!
over a year ago emmett said…
haha nice!
over a year ago modernfan said…
can i join? :)
can i join? :)
over a year ago h2o-fen-site said…