Edward came bursting in, his eyes were hard stone. He took one look at my beautiful stranger and then unleashed his fury at me. " ROSALIE!" He yelled " How can you be so stupid!?" he continued " He was dying edward!" I yelled. " People die all the time rosalie! Now were going to have to leave again!" He screamed

" Well we were going to leave anyway so it doesnt matter! I just wanted him, I couldnt help it! He looked so much like little henry! I had to have him. So stop whinning because its to late to turn him back!" I yelled back.

He stopped and looked at me reading my thoughts. " You... love him already." he said. I just turned away from him to look at my stranger. " Yes" was all i said. " I couldnt leave him there, not like that" i said. my stranger screamed, i was by him in an istant.

" Whats happening to me! wHY AM I BURNING?!" he screamed in agony. I started to explain evrything to him through his screams it took the rest of his transformation. When i finished he was still screaming " It's getiing HOTTER!!!" he yelled.

" its almost complete" i said. "Edward, Esme, Carlisle get the things ready he is almost complete." i said. Thats when he stopped screaming. He looked up at me in wonder. I smiled and said " Hello, my name is rosalie. I know that you must hate me for doing this to you but i couldnt help myself from you" I said

" Why on earth would i hat you rosalie? you have made me an immortal, i hope to stay with you forever. My name is emmett, and i hope to please you" he said.

My smile became bigger as he said his words. I grbbed his hand and told him that it was time for him to have his first hunt. He looked at me and asked what we awere hunting. " Animals. You can take your pick to withch one you would like" i said and we ran out of the house together hand in hand"