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Author's Note : This story contains characters that weren't exactly created by Stephenie. Rosalie had two younger brothers that didn't have names or ages. So I included them in the story with their names and ages. Rosalie's best friend, Vera, was married but her husband's name was never mentioned. So I gave him a name. I gave each character some personality in this story. I hope you enjoy this. Also if you're wondering about the title. I centered this story on Friday the thirteenth, the most unlucky day.
*Warning:Contains violance and some scary moments.*

I looked at my beautiful reflection in the mirror. My long, blonde hair was tangled and I needed to brush it. I grabbed my brush and started brushing my hair. I looked in the corner of the mirror and saw someone run by my room. I dropped the brush and turned around. Whatever they’re planning, they’re not going to get me! I thought to myself.

“Hello?” I called. No answer.

All of the sudden David jumped at me. “Ahhh!” I yelled as I saw something flying at me, but it was too late. My favorite blue dress was ruined, thanks to my annoying brothers!

“David!!!” I shouted at him. “How could you?”

David ran his fingers through his brown hair and nodded his head. “Even threw the mud.”

He nodded his head again as if this was the best answer.

“It doesn’t matter! I was just about to go see Royce and make some more plans for the wedding! And now my dress is ruined!” I yelled at him. “I’m going to kill you both!”

“No you’re not!” the boys shouted together. David’s brown hair covered in dust and Evan’s blonde hair covered in mud. “You can’t touch us.” They shouted again, running their dirty fingers through their hair.

“Yes, I am!” I shouted. “When will you boys ever be mature about things?”

“Well,” Evan said putting mud on his face. “I’m sixteen and David’s fifteen. Isn’t that good enough for you?”

David nodded his head, putting mud on this face too.

“No it isn’t! Why can’t you be mature people! Why can’t you ever be nice to me? I’m so going to kill you one day!” I yelled.

“We are mature, we just don’t act it! We’re the ones getting good grades in school. Unlike some people did….” Their voices trailed off as they glanced at me.

“I did great in school!” I shouted at them.

“We never said you didn’t.” David said calmly. “We’re just smarter than you and we like to be immature. But we are mature and don’t you forget it!” David yelled at me.

“Whatever,” I said. “I need to change to go to Royce’s.”

“Royce is evil,” David whispered to Evan.

“I know he is, but she doesn’t,” Evan said, pointing at me. I rolled my eyes and ignored them, believing that Royce wasn’t evil. How could he be? I slammed my door shut and turned around. I picked out a pink dress and put it on. I started my hair to make I look perfect.

I was ready. I opened my door and walked down the stairs and out the front door.


Royce and I had made plans for the wedding. It would be outside and have violet and pink flowers everywhere. I would be holding roses as I walked down the aisle. We made so many plans, and Royce was just so smart. He knew exactly what I wanted and said he would do it for me. It was great. Tomorrow I would be going to find a wedding dress that was just perfect. Vera would come with me to find a brides maid dress and make sure it fitted her. It was just perfect. Or so I thought.


I was at Vera’s house. Vera was my best friend. She had gotten married at seventeen to Timothy, a poor carpenter. They lived in a really small house with only three rooms. A kitchen, living room, and a bedroom. Vera also had a baby boy named Henry.

“Rosalie, I’m so glad you came!” I heard her shout from the kitchen. “Timothy took Henry to the doctor again. Poor Henry. He’s gotten sick again. They’ll be back soon though.” She turned around with flour all over her hands. Her brown hair was falling in front of her eyes and she brushed it away and tucked it behind her ear.

“Must I help you with your hair again, Vera?” I asked her.

“No thanks, Rosalie. Timothy loves my hair the way it is,” she replied.

“Where’s your mirror? The wind blew my hair and it’s all messed up.” I said looking around the place.

“Mirror?” she glanced around the room. “Oh yes, Timothy sold it because it was an ungodly thing in this house.” She rolled her eyes and shrugged to show she didn’t think the same as him.

“Oh really? What about the spare mirror you always hide?” I asked her, hoping it would still be there.

“He found it and sold it,” Vera said sadly.

I really hated Timothy. He hated me too. I don’t know why I hated him. I guess because he hated me. I didn’t know why he hated me and whenever I asked Vera, she would just shrug and say she didn’t know why. I knew she did know; she just didn’t want to tell me.

“I’m back,” I heard Timothy yell. “Dr.Cullen said Henry just had an ear infection.”

“Not again,” Vera said. She walked over to Timothy and he quickly kissed her. I stood up and took Henry out of Timothy’s arms. I kissed Henry’s head and he giggled.

We had dinner and tons of laughs. Timothy was actually being nice to me. I guess Vera must have told him to be nice to me. “Happy Birthday, Henry,” we all said to him. He laughed and clapped his little hands.

“Rosalie, do you want to call your father to come pick you up?” Vera asked me.

“No, I can get home.”

“Do you want Timothy to come with you?”

“No, Vera,” I told her.

“Alright, see you tomorrow,” she said. I said goodbye to everyone and started to leave. I turned around really quick to see Timothy kiss Vera on the cheek. I sighed. Why didn’t Royce kiss me like that?

I shivered. It was so cold. It can’t be cold. I thought. The wedding is in one week and it’s suppose to be outside. I quickened my pace. That’s when I saw them. Drunk men under a broken streetlamp, laughing like the drunks they were. “Rose!” One of the men yelled. I looked up and saw Royce, standing there. Drunk. He was drunk with all the other men and they were laughing stupidly. “Here’s my Rose!” Royce shouted. “You’re late. We’re cold, you’ve kept us waiting so long.”

He laughed stupidly and grabbed my arm and pulled me close against his body. “What did I tell you John! Isn’t she lovelier than all your Georgia peaches?”

The man named John looked at me. He had dark-hair and was suntanned. “It’s hard to tell,” he said slowly, with a southern accent. “She’s all covered up.” The rest of the men laughed with John.

Suddenly, Royce grabbed my jacket and tore it off. The buttons flying everywhere. “Show him what you look like, Rose!” he hollered. He tore off my hat. The pins pulling my hair from the roots. I screamed in pain.

They glanced at each other. Evil smiles glowing on their faces. They turned back towards me. One of the men slapped my face and Royce flew at me. I was on the ground. Royce on top of me. I saw something in the moonlight. A knife. Royce cut me everywhere and cut my dress. I yelled in pain as I heard the men laughing and I knew they were having fun.

Royce gave the knife to John and said, “Have a little fun, John! It never hurts to hurt a woman!” John lunged at me and cut my neck and face. I knew I was losing a lot of blood. Before I knew it, I couldn’t even see anymore. It was all black. But I felt the pain and I heard the laughs and I still screamed…..