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Rosalie Hale’s Twilight… By: Haley Myers…Chapter Five…The Regret…
I smiled again, and again, and again. But suddenly was greeting Edward at the front door-I told him I wanted to talk to him alone, and we went into his room.
“Hey, umm I was wondering if you had a date-with Bella.” I asked awkwardly. He smiled. “Yes. Why?” He asked. I shook my head then said, “I was um wondering where it was?” He laughed, “Here-I’m bringing her to meet you guys.” My face fell. I quickly pulled it up. “Oh,” I lamely said. He laughed at my lameness. I laughed with him trying to pull off his coolness. He laughed at my trying to be cool laugh. I told him that was it and left.
I went to my room, and sat on the red couch. I picked up my loaded gun and sighed sadly, and then the worst thing hit my thoughts- does she know we are vampires? I dashed to Edward and screamed. Emmett, Alice, Jasper, Carlisle, and Esme ran in surprised at the sudden squeal, Jasper touched my skin-I was suddenly calm-and he led me to Edward’s leather sofa. He let go of my arm cautious, and I started squealing again, Emmett ran over to me and put his hand over my mouth, “Okay Rose, I’m gonna let go and you tell us what’s wrong.” He let go, and I chocked out a soft squeal. This question was only for Edward, “DID YOU TELL HER?” I screamed at the top of my lungs. He took severally deep breaths and nodded. I screamed louder, wailing, I jumped onto him angrily. “HOW COULD YOU!!!!!!!” He pulled me off, and put me on the couch- “she is my girlfriend”. I screamed a last-not really-scream and stormed off to my room grabbed two loaded guns- grabbed the back of Emmett’s shirt- and took him to my car with him screaming, “ROSALIE! WHY DO YOU HAVE LOADED GUNS?” He screamed. “Shhhhhhh!” I yelled. He shut up. “What?” He whispered. “I am going to kill her and you are going to help me!” I smiled devily. He screamed- “EDWARD!!!!!” “SHUT UP!” I screamed. Edward ran into the room- “What?” He asked. “She plans on killing Bella,” He said urgently.
I was in four iron grasps-but the worst was I was defeated. They were dragging me upstairs. All saying stuff like, “NO!”, or ROSALIE HALE!!” Urggggggg! Everybody was yelling-screaming-grasping ME! ME! Rosalie Hale, the princess, the vampire princess. But all I could do was-nothing really. I hate being their prisoner-but I will win this fight! I promise.
At daybreak I was wearing a purple sweatshirt, and my fave skinny jeans, I was holding my purse smiling. I won! I had a handgun in my purse. Perfect. I pulled my hair up into a tight bun. I had the plan worked out. I would shoot her, killing her but I would take her to the woo- OH CRAP! “ROSALIE!” I jumped out the window. It was Edward-good lord I am cursed I think too much!
I was running through the woods. I was running really fast-too fast that I dropped my purse. I leaned down getting ready to pounce on him if he came. Too late, he was already there; he picked up the purse and took the gun out. I stood up, mad that he had won. Prisoner-I thought.
He said quietly, “What are you going to do with the gun, Rosalie?” He sounded serious. I looked at him sheepishly, “Kill you’re girlfriend.” I was such a coward. He said nothing-just grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the house. When we got home, he sat me in a chair and put Emmett on guard duty. He came back with a rope, and said, “We are going to be absent today.” He tied me tightly up with the rope.
I knew I could escape, so I bit the rope with my venomized teeth, their was splatter of the venom on the rope. I pulled it off and, I went up to my room... And checked the calendar, Friday.