I pulled into the school parking lot, in my red convertible with my brothers, husband and sister in tow, we pulled into our regular spot when I suddenly saw a rust orange truck two spots down from us, I saw a girl with long brown hair, brown hair and horrible taste in clothing step out, she looked nervously around before a group of kids I've seen before went and surronded her
" she's... beautiful" I heard Edward say in a dreamy voice, I whipped myself around and starred st him with a unpleased and angry expression
" No she is not she's hideous!" I practically screeched at Edward
" Rosalie you just jealous" Edward said still looking at the hideous girl
" I am not! I would never envy her ugliness an d stupidity!"

The bell rang signalling classes were beginning soon. As i was getting ready to go to my first class, english I saw Alice slip into the washroom, I stomped into the washroom after her and saw her composing a note,
" Who's that a note to?" I asked impatiently
" Oh nobody.. my teacher explaining why I was late last week." Alice said smiling
" save it I said" and I grabbed the note through Alice's messy hand writing I could make out the words; Hi Bella my brother in interested in you and I thought maybe you would come over and I could do your make up and hair and then my brother could take you for a date!
Sincerly Alice
" Alice!" I screeched tearing the note to pieces
" how could you?!" I screeched