My first Twilight ff :)

I stared at her. ‘Bella, be quiet! I’m trying to put Nessie to sleep!’ I snapped, putting Renesme in her cot.
‘I wanna do that!’ said Bella.
‘Do you always have to whine? And can’t you see Nessie likes me?
Bella stood up, glaring at me. I glared right back.
‘Rosalie,’ said Edward. I turned to face him. ‘Give Ness-Renesme to Bella.’ I stared at him. ‘Rosalie!’ He said in a warning tone. As if he could take me. ‘I can, you know!’ said Edward, smirking. I threw Renesme over to Bella. The clumsy freak dropped her, even though I threw perfectly.
Renesmee began to leak tears. ‘Aww, Nessie, don’t worry,’ I cooed. Before Bella could think, let alone move, I picked Nessie of the floor. As soon as I touched her, she stopped crying. I smirked at Edward. There was still no reaction from Bella. I was starting to think she had some brain disease. Or she didn’t have a brain. No wonder Edward couldn’t read her mind. She didn’t have one.
‘Don’t think like that, Rose!’ snapped Edward. It’s only been a few days from the battle. I suppose she could be in shock, or could have no brain. Edward growled and got up. You don’t have to listen, I thought. ‘Rosalie Cu-’ he started to yell.
‘Edward, be quite! You’re scaring Nessie!’ I snapped.
‘Rosalie. Nessie is Bella’s daughter. Hand her over to her mother.’ His words cut open a vast pool of pain that I had been trying to hide for days. I handed Nessie over and started to proceed to my room. ‘Rose, I didn’t -’ He had caught up with me. Oh how I hated him.
‘Go away Edward,’ I said. ‘Nessie is probably looking for her father.’ The tone of my voice was obvious.
‘Rose, you don’t have to be like this, you’re Nessie’s aunt, remember?’ he said gently.
‘Again, go away, Edward.’ He stared at me, frustrated.
‘Fine!’ he snapped. I smirked. I went into my room. There was something I needed to see here...
I slid open my closet door. There was a red and gold suitcase in here where I kept a few important documents and pictures.
‘Hey, Rose,’ said a voice from the doorway.
‘Did Edward send you?’ I asked my boyfriend warily. He laughed my favourite sound in the world.
‘No,’ he said.
I stood up. ‘Have you gone hunting yet?’ I asked him.
He sped over to me. ‘I was hoping I could go with you, actually. Have you gone yet?’
‘No,’ I said.
‘Cool,’ he said enthusiastically. ‘We can go tomorrow or today with Alice and Jasper.’
‘Let’s go today.’
‘Are you sure?’ he asked doubtfully.
I laughed. ‘Yes, I’m sure.’
He laughed again. ‘C’mon, Alice and Jasper are leaving soon.’
‘’Kay, one minute,’ I muttered.
‘Only one, though,’ he said very seriously.
‘That’s fine by me,’ I said.
He sped out the door. I heard him running down the stairs. I smiled at the image of it in my head as I started to take out the suitcase. I unlatched it and took out an envelope. I opened it and took out a few pictures.
I smiled at the pictures. My human life seemed so nice when you looked at it from a vampire perspective.
It showed me at age 15 with my two best friends, Bill and Alfred. They were gorgeous, pale-skinned, and golden-eyed. Bill, short for William, had black hair that swept across his forehead but didn’t reach his eyes. Alfred had short brown hair. The picture was with human me in the middle of them, they both had their arms around me, and we were laughing. I flipped to the next picture, which had Al and Bill, taken by me. They had their arms slung around each other, roaring with laughter. The third picture was of me and Bill. The fourth and last was with me and Alfred.
I tucked the pictures away, sighing. Putting away the suitcase I straightened up to notice Alice in the doorway. ‘Hey Rose, c’mon, we have to get going!’
‘’Kay,’ I muttered. ‘You see anything good?’ I added in a louder voice. She laughed and shook her head. ‘Ah well, maybe we’ll find some mountain lions.’
She rolled her eyes, still laughing. ‘Just hurry up, would you?’
‘Alright, alright! So impatient!’
‘That’s because I can see the future!’
‘So that means you have to be impatient?’ I shot back.
‘C’mon,’ was all she said, dancing down the stairs. I followed her quickly.
Jasper and Emmet were already outside. ‘C’mon,’ was all they said when we reached them. We sped off into the forests. Alice closed her eyes, straining to see where the animals were.
Her eyes suddenly flew open and she came to a halt, skidding on the dewy grass. ‘Bella and Edward are coming,’ she announced happily.
‘Oh no,’ I groaned. ‘When will they be here?’
Alice gave me an exasperated look and said ‘In a few minutes. They’re bringing Nessie with them.’ She shut her eyes again. I sighed. ‘Oh – never mind,’ said Alice, eyes flying open. ‘They’ve decided to go tomorrow!’
I tried hard not to grin, but I couldn’t stop myself. ‘Aw come on, Rosalie,’ said Alice as we ran. ‘They aren’t as bad as you seem to think!’
I scowled at her. ‘Whatever,’ I said, speeding up to catch Emmet, as me and Alice had fallen behind.
‘Rose,’ said Alice, who had caught up to me. Why must that always happen? ‘Why do you hate them so much?’ she inquired, grabbing my arm to stop me. I shook myself free and glared at her, with my death glare I usually reserved for humanoid Bella. Alice smiled at my expression, and I sighed. Nothing was working for me today.
‘I don’t... hate them,’ I started carefully. ‘It’s just I... how to say this...’ I pondered silently. ‘You know how Bella was-’
‘Hurry up!’ called Emmet. ‘I can spot some grizzlies!’
‘Coming!’ I called back, glad for an excuse to ditch answering Alice’s question. I sped up once again and had a relatively enjoyable hunting session.