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Opinion by Johnny1918cz posted over a year ago
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You know I used to think something different. Before that I watched only anime and thought that´s the best, but then I noticed some comments that Manga is good as well. I had to force me to read that... I´ve read that all in one week and finished it today 3.10.2014 Believe me or not....but Manga is much better...of course Manga has more place for story and more little stories...but you know you can see there the progress in relationships, emotions, battles etc. etc.
Anime has still place in my heart but it´s just a cheap small version of ROSARIO+VAMPIRE...A lot of people could say stupid Manga from the Japanese but they have a sense and feelings that I admire.
I am still sad when I am writing this because of the end of this story. But Gonzo should remake that anime and make longer season 1 and 2...inspire themselves by the Manga in details( with characters, relationships, battles etc.) and continue if Manga create another season....but at least remake of the season 1 and 2 should by honor for Gonzo to do it.
Opinion by JasonMx17 posted over a year ago
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To start off I want to thank Netflix for putting Rosario Vampire back on. Because they took it off for a while and I got scared and mad. But that's not what this article is about. I have just finished watching Rosario Vampire for the second time and I am still in love with the show. And seeing it a second time just sparked a bigger passion for the anime. Now watching the anime a second time made me notice something that the bus driver said at the end of the last episode of the second season. He said " well I guess he has bigger plans for that boy (tsukune). If he wants one day for humans and monsters to co exist." (or something along those lines) hearing that blew my mind because I didn't notice it before. I read the manga and I remembered that Moka's mother's dream was for humans and monsters to co exist. Moka's father letting tsukune live was the first step in achieving that goal. He wants the goal of his wife to live on. Knowing that Gonzo mentioned that in the anime blew my mind because that is perfect material for them to drift back to the main plot and continue Rosario Vampire. The whole point of the Manga is for humans and monsters to co exist. tsukune all his friends,...
Opinion by JasonMx17 posted over a year ago
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If you do your research over the internet then you will see that there are many people saying that there will be a season 3 and maybe even 4. But there are also people saying that its never going to happen. We were given 26 episodes instead of the 13 for the first season only. and in my opinion the second season was a blessing. But to be truthful, why would they make another season? The ending to the second season was ok. Even though there was so many unanswered questions. (spoiler) But it ended without tsukune choosing anyone to be his partner. And if you think about it that's a good way to end it because most of the series was based off of all of the girls wanting Tsukune right? so if he chose somebody then he would be with her only and then what would happen after? what would the other girls do? They probably ended it this way because if he did choose someone then it would be hard to keep this anime intresting, fun, and sexy for the audience. Plus it has been 4-5 years since the second season. What if they cant get the original voice actors for both subbed or dubbed? if they got different voice actors then it would just be weird and mess up the whole anime.I mean it would be...
Opinion by Legend_Jared posted over a year ago
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I believe the anime should have followed the manga's storyline for the following reasons:
1.The Manga's story is amazing.
2.It would make the show more popular.
3.Tskune becomes badass and is able to fight monsters himself.
4.The story wouldn't show panties every 5 seconds.
5. The show would be longer and that would = more episodes for people to enjoy.
6.A remake would make people who haven't read the manga find out more things about Moka and her family. Adding those details would make the story more interesting.
7.The fights would be cooler cause Tskune and every one else fights like 10 times more and they don't always need Moka's help
8. Tskune himself goes through and interesting evolution through out the series where he goes from being a wimpy average high schooler to an awesome Character who is able to protect the ones he cares about and you learn alot more about him like what girl he really wants to be with(no spoilers):).
9. Mizore(yes to all you mizore fans you also get to learn ALOT more about her as well) but there is one part in the manga where some stuff happens that the mizore fans would love.(no spoilers of course...
Opinion by TheAnonymous posted over a year ago
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I dont think theyre going to make another season the average anime last 12 or 13 episodes this has 26 so. They are well over due on episodes and why after 4 years they decide to start another season of a show that didnt make top 3. After the earthquake they lost alot of money and in the last episode it says the end. i hoped we would get to see the other two sisters but funimation has other animes too and it wouldnt be the same they would have diffrent voices which will mess up the whole story because theyd get other voice actors
Review by Senkagami posted over a year ago
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Most anticipated games
Hello, we all love games, so today let's take a look at the latest titles!

The Last of Us is an upcoming post-apocalyptic third-person survival action-adventure game developed by Naughty Dog for the PlayStation 3.
It is one of the most anticipated games
And probably it will be The best-looking game of 2013.
We still don't know much about this game, and the exact release date.
Update: THE LAST OF US hits PS3 on May 7th, 2013! Watch the uncensored new Story trailer here and see what bonus content you get for pre-ordering: link -Sony

The Elder Scrolls Online is an upcoming massively multiplayer role-playing video game (MMORPG) developed by ZeniMax Online Studios, to be released in 2013.
It is a part of the The Elder Scrolls video game franchise, of which it is the first open ended multiplayer installment. It was announced on May 3, 2012 in an exclusive reveal by Game Informer and formally revealed in the same month's issue of the magazine. The game will be released for PC and MAC OSX.
News by Anime4Life86 posted over a year ago
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I have been looking on the internet for about 2 days for R+V capu3 information and all i have found is rumors of it being aired in japan on the 14th April. But don't get your hopes up too high people or they might be crushed. Remember this is just a rumor. In other news the petition only needs 1300 more votes until it gets sent off to Gonzo; so keep signing it people. Because if the company listens then that will be one big step closer for capu3. Unfortunatly thats all the information i could gather i will be sure too keep you all updated. And before you go i have a few questions to ask:

Do you believe the rumor of capu3 being aired in japan on april 14th?

Do you think Gonzo will listen to the petition if it gets sent off?

When did you start watching R+V and how did you find it?

yours sincerely , Anime4Life86
Article by ThomasWilburn posted over a year ago
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Fellow fans I have an idea to get us a capu 3 so if you post about getting a 3rd season around Facebook and twitter. Ps shoen jump originally worked on the manga novels so if you would send hand drawn images into him, he may realise that it's worth bringing it back but if u make online petitions the companies don't always look at them. Someone else has already got a petition with 6000 signatures; this may not get the attention of the tv companies, remember shoen jump may help. To all the snow bunnies out there

We can bring back mizadez stalking anticks
Mokas blood sucking
And tscune learning his place !

Please bring it back
Opinion by AsianGuy posted over a year ago
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Sora No Otoshimono
Me and James's Awesome Anime List
The Top is a must watch and The Bottom is a check it out

Must Watch
1. Sora No Otoshimono
1.5. Zero No Tsukaima/The Familiar Of Zero
2. Black Butler (Recommend By James)
2.5. ToraDora
3. Baka The Test (Recommend By James)
3.5 Another
4. Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka!/ Is This A Zombie?
4.5. Shuffle! (Recommend By James)
5. Dragonaut

Check it Out
5.5. HOTD - Highschool Of The Dead (Recommend By James)
6. Heroic Age
6.5. Fairy Tail (Recommend By James)
7. Soul Eater (Recommend By James)
7.5 11eyes
8. Chaos Head
8.5. Elfen (Recommend By James)
9. Demon King Daimao
10. Haganai
11. Chobits
12. Air Gear (Recommend By James)
13. Ikki Tiusen (Recommend By James)
14. Tenjho Tenge (Recommend By James)
Article by tiberis posted over a year ago
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High School of the undead city over-view (just for ya fans out there)
Welcome to the news paper. I hope you enjoy this article. Remember read the whole thing.

Main topics: Jasoanime leaving, Facts and when they add up.

Side topics: A new name for the paper, PICS WE NEED THEM!

People who helped allot this week: Jasoanime, Benevolence, Anthony, and many others.

Jasoanime leaving

The whole incident started when jasoanime said he was leaving the forum. Well we can all say
is was one person who is believed to be the person who caused it. His name is DryElectrix.
So I know a heck of allot more than everyone else. Sadly I can't release any information
Jasoanime's request. All I can say is that jasoanime had to leave but remember he said
he still checks the forum. This was a whole elaborate plot on DryElectrix's half to ruin the forum.
But jasoanime had nothing to do with it besides gradualy leaving us for the better. If he
didn't leave the forum would be in danger of being masively hurased. So jasoanime did the
Opinion by BatCountry9000 posted over a year ago
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Now, before I continue, just remember. This is my personal opinion. If you disagree, that's fine. Just show some respect for it, and I'll respect yours.

If you ask me, I think a crossover game/anime/manga/comic book between Rosario + Vampire and Street Fighter would be awesome. I could picture these rivalries easily:

Ryu Vs. Moka

Ken Vs. Tsukune

Dan Vs. Kurumu (Allure Vs. Super Taunt)

Q Vs. Mizore

Sagat Vs. Kokoa

Inner Moka Vs. Evil Ryu

What about you guys? What rivalries would you think would be good?
Opinion by Echo19KidDragon posted over a year ago
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O.K I just read Rosario+Vampire season 2 ch.34 and it's sayn' that Moka is actually a fake personality of Inner Moka. It starts of when Moka's mom, Akasha Bloodriver, tries to seal Alkardo, the Ultimate Vampire, before she dies but in return she had to seal Inner Moka too! Akasha told her daughter,"You will lose your freedom but in the future you will find someone that realy cares for you that can give you your freedom back...". After that, when she pulls it off and everything starts to make sense...Touhou Fuhai, the old chinese guy, told Tsukune and Mizore, who also got sucked in moka's memories, that as result of the the owner of the rosario who gets sealed in the rosary... the rosary creates a replica of the person! Then Tsukune freaks out about the fact that the girl he likes turns out to be a fake personality. Then Headmaster shows up talkin' about he's too late and that the transformation has already started. Then out of nowhere Kurumu comes to the rescue, She got in usin' one of her hidden abilities, comes to get everyone out of Moka's memories. On the way Tsukune, still heartbroken, starts to lose his grip of kurumu's hand. Finaly his emotions got the better of him and he...
Guide by ginei_werewolf posted over a year ago
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manga cover one
Tsukune's dad found a filer to yokai academy that a mysterious priest dropped.
Tsukune then meets the weird bus driver who warns Tsukune yokai academy is a scary school and to be careful.
He then gets a call from his cousin (who calls him Tsukki) who happened to research the school however their phone call shuts off as they enter a tunnel.
The other side is like a different where cell phones do not work.
He continues to head for the school to be frightened by a bat (who is also the narrator).
continueing down the path he gets hit by a vampire girl on her bike (Akashiya Moka)
He accidently makes a pervy move.
Moka ends up being in his class he feels happy thinking even the teacher is nice until he finds out it is a school for monsters.
Moka tells him about her rosario (when she tells him to look he thinks she means at her breasts)
When the rosario on her chest is removed she becomes a scary vampire!
Later by the vending machine Moka and Tsukune both get a drink (Moka gets tomato juice and Tsukune something that appears to be a mocha drink)
Review by 2Pain4 posted over a year ago
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all fans rejoice - here is summary for chap30-I will be using Chinese names because that's what I read.

Akuha or Yaiei in Chinese (亞愛) is the oldest daughter of the 4 and is apparently the illegitimate children of Yicha (一茶) Shuzen. She has come after her mom died. And as noted a moment ago, the father is introduced.

Tsukune at first notes that environment of the castle seems peaceful but Dongfangbubai (東方不敗) says that it's actually the scariest place because all the vampires are concentrated over here. Even in the Chinese mafia world, vampires are highly regarded. Basically, this is an introduction of vampire culture.

Soon afterward, the father welcomes Akuha to the family but tells her to show "us" (referring to him and the other vampires) her strength by going against the 2nd sister. Tsukune is shocked that they're fighting after welcoming her, but Dongfangbubai says that it's the ugly vampire culture to battle.

The second sister cries (as she did against Moka) about fighting because she hates it, but she is immediately overwhelmed by Akuha's Chinese martial arts. The second sister even takes a critical hit...
Fan fiction by Invincibility posted over a year ago
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I'm getting closer to being done with Episode 1 of my fanfiction, so I'll give you an overview of the original.

Things haven't fared well for Jet (who wears a black shirt and black jeans with a face that resembles the one of FFXIII's Snow) since he came to Youkai Academy. Not only is he attacked by an assassin, but he is nearly blown up by an army (which is called "Canchion", but I might change it because it sounds like Cancion) that's been trying to kill him since he was born! He then saves Kurumu from getting mauled (which was his fault), only to be shot in the forehead by an assaassin he thought was dead upon coming back to school. Miraculously, he survives, but is assaulted by Kurumu moments after waking up in the infirmary. Not only that, but he is attacked by Kokoa (who then learns the effectiveness of disarming) when the class went on a field trip to Mizore's homeland. He gets lost in the cold woods, and when Tsurura finds him, she tries to execute him. Jet escapes and heads to America, where he learns that they are going to burn a witch (guess who?). He then saves Yukari from the mob with difficulty. The night that he returns to Youkai, Canchion...
Fan fiction by Invincibility posted over a year ago
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The fanfictions written by ForsakenOutcast appear to have seen success, and last time I checked, there is another fanfiction being made, too. I've actually had a fanfiction in my head for a long while, and I think it's time to write a sequel. I'm going to post it here (why would I be writing this if I wasn't?) soon, and you can read it sometime in May.

For your entertainment (and head scratching), I will tell you a little about the original.

The main character is Jet, and in the story, a large building and Youkai Academy explodes, Inner Moka almost gets decapitated, tanks fly, and Mizore dies (and is revived).

Interested yet?
Fan fiction by Animeluva6 posted over a year ago
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Kurumi was walking home from school one glumy, humid day.

"Ugh, I hate school." She murmured.
A sweep brushed against her back. She quickly turned around.

"Who's... There?"


A young man suddenly appeared from behind her and smirked. He wore a long black robe with a cross by the neck. He wore his hair in a small ponytail.

"Who the heck are you?" She cried.

"Well, haha, I'm Murishou Kanaka. And well, the funny thing is, I've come here to turn you into a vampire."

Kurumi's eyes grew big.

"Wait, how do I know you aren't some cosplay loser trying to scare me?!" She said.

"Hm, I knew you wouldn't believe me. Well here I go."

Murishou spun around and suddenly grew large wings and fangs the size of Kurumi's pinkys.

"Your...Flying..But.. How?"

"Haha, believe me now?" He smirked.

"So, your the real deal, huh? Well, Why are you here to turn me into a 'vampire'?" Kurumi said, frightened.
Fan fiction by ForsakenOutcast posted over a year ago
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The Kinsin has shown its true form. Helghast as found a Vist Seed to finish off the Kinisn. Helghast runs up part of its bodu and Scort hasn't seen him yet. Scort just breathes in smoke, souls and anything that might feed his dark hunger.

Kraven-I don't know why Helghast would want to use a Vist Seed?

Calus-Unless he doesn't want to live.....

Moka-He's almost to the top!

Kane-What happen to you Rosario Moka?

Moka-Its been destroyed.....I can't do back to the other me.

Ruby-Can wee get another one?

Kokoa-Thats impossible....We have to talk to a Holy man or a Hell King to do that.

Moka-Don't bother....

Yukari-What is Scort doing?

Ovin-He's going to fire its main attack!

Scort charges hos main attack, but turns around to fire.

Scarla-This is going to hurt!

Then Scort fires. Then the attack is absorbed.

Ovin-That was hard on my body....
Fan fiction by ForsakenOutcast posted over a year ago
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Scort has awaken the machine of death. Bled has a plan that could stop Scort's plan and save Elith. On the day of the attack on the Scav-copter, they see an army of undead attacking the humans. Bled and everyone is being told the plan.

Bled-Okay....Everyone ready to stop this thing before it gets at full power?

Calus-Lets do this....

Helghast-Where we dropping Kane?

Kraven-Close to a closed highway.....There!*points*We got only a minute till Kane breaks out goes for Ovin....

Frostkin-Jean! Take us down.....I'm going to help Kraven least the chain....

They go down so Kraven and Frostkin can release the chains that hold Kanes metal cage. They release the chains and go back in the air.

Tsukune-What song is Kane listen to?

Jean-Novasonic's Slam.....He likes it.

Down at Kanes cage, he awakes and he feels his old Juggernaut armor coming back. Then Kane starts punching the cage till it cracks, then busts out and running on all four. In the air everyone can see him.
Fan fiction by ForsakenOutcast posted over a year ago
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Kane has released a Seal that he had all along. Everyone discovered that Ruby had a older bother also. Back out at the house all the girls are having fun.


Kurumu-Again....Thats the third time in this game.

Scarla-I guess she just lucky?

Yukari-Can we play poker now?

Vela-Soon enough....

Kokoa-Wheres Ruby?

Elith-She is laying down with the babies....Someone is coming....

Mizore-*looks out a window*Its Jeans van but its all messed up....

Jean's van is cut up and with holes. The girls see the guys running and holding up Calus and Kane. They come in holding both of them.

Bled-Call Ellie! NOW!

Scarla-Alright....*calls Ellie*

They put Calus on kitchen floor and the same for Kane.

Kurumu-What happen?

Halghast-We fought a Juggernaunt......

Mizore-Wheres my cousin?

Jean-K.I.A. or M.I.A.
Fan fiction by ForsakenOutcast posted over a year ago
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The truth of the Sons of Sacrifice has been revealed and their dangerous past. Right now everyone is at the house still thinking about what they have found out.

Kane-Is there a way to find the last few?

Bled-No....They have to be found by each other.

Calus-So...We can't find them but they need to find each other...that sounds like fun.

Tsukune-But if Elith can see people in a way....Why see scratch me?

Scort-Maybe she saw a dark like past life?

Kokoa-I'm bored.......Can we do something?

Kurumu-Your rude, you know that....

Kokoa-Quiet Melon Chest....

Vela-We can go to the mall?

Frostkin-Thats like a plan...*gets up*Everyone get ready.

Everyone gets ready to go the mall, but Ruby and Yukari stay with Elith so did the babies. Everyone goes in the gaint van that Jean drives, after 20 minutes of driving they get to the mall.

Jean-I'm going to get my van upgraded....Call me when you guess are ready to go.*drives away*
Fan fiction by ForsakenOutcast posted over a year ago
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The begging of the school year is getting heavy as Kane the half breed Werewolf and Vampire defeated the entire Protection Committee. Calus has send the tickets to everyone to get to Texas. Right now everyone is on a plane to Texas, they're in First Class also....

Tsukune-This is a first....

Kane-First time on a plane?


Kane-This is my 3rd time on a plane.

Moka-I don't feel good.....

Kurumu-*laughs*Your getting air sick.

Yukari-Your used to it because you can fly.

Moka-Be right back...*runs to the rest room*

Mizore-I have no problem about this.

Calus-It's been awhile sice i was on a plane.

Ruby-This is my first time on a plane....WOW! We're so high off the ground.

Kurumu-Can I hold one of the twins?

Ruby-Sure.*gives Kurumu Endomin*

Yukari-Can I hold Domeyo?

Calus-Sure! Here....*gives Yukari Domeyo*
Fan fiction by ForsakenOutcast posted over a year ago
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Its been 4 months since the Death Games that Tsukune, Calus and Helghast took part in. After the games were over Helghast almost died, after he got better he left looking for information about the Sons of Sacrifice.

Right now Tsukune is at his house getting ready for his last year at Yokai Academy.

Tsukune-This is my last year and proudest one.

Kasumi-Tsukune! Someone is here to see you!(remember its Tsukunes mom)

Tsukune-I'm coming!

Tsukune goes down stairs to see who it is.

Tsukune-Calus and Ruby! How are you two?

Calus-We're doing alright.

Ruby-We desided to see you before school started.

Tsukune-And you brought the babies.

Kasumi-My! You had twins!

Ruby-Yeah! They're both boys. One is Domeyo(Dom-e-yo) and the other is Endomin.(En-dom-in)

Tsukune-Why did you name them those?

Calus-They're ancient names. Its a long story to explain it also.
Review by ForsakenOutcast posted over a year ago
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Hello Everyone! ForsakenOutcast here to tell you that Part 3 is coming soon and what your going to get.

We got even more new charactors and new monster. This will be the last one I will making. This may upset some of you but I'm sorry, everything has to end in time.

You will get to see and know who and what are the Sons of Sacrifice, and see who are the of Sons of Sacrifice.

This story has more mystery, action and abit more romance.

So till then! Please wait and for Part 1-Calling of One.
Article by MotherConfessor posted over a year ago
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I don't know about any of you who may read this, but I want to know about Moka's family. Judging from Moka-sama(when I say -sama I ALWAYS mean inner Moka) and her sister's that we have been introduced to, Kokoa and Karua, their family life MUST be a little...different. The one I'm dieing to know about is the last sister, the eldest. The sisters seem to grow extremely more powerful from the youngest to oldest. I'm practically jumping out of my seat to know the last. I don't know if anyone for sure knows her name or what she looks like but I'm been reading fanfictions about R+V and found one I really like. It's called The Mighty Vampire Aono by Lord of the Land of Fire. link
(!WARNING! That story is rated 'M' for mature. It's not for children to read. It contains not only lemon but lemonade.)
In that story the last sister is a major character and is name Ria. I'm still not positive about what she looks like from the author's description but this story is really great and gives a whole new way to think about the relationship between Moka-sama and...