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Rosario Vampire RP(remake)  TheAdventGhost 386 16726 9 days ago
will there be a season 3?  nmc400 20304 1968361 1 month ago
Up To Date Info on Season 3  TP5599 70 83392 over a year ago
Rv X  Rosarioangel 0 1761 over a year ago
manga or anime  trygon 15 5552 over a year ago
Let's talk Rosario+Vampire manga or anime ;)  Legend_Jared 0 665 over a year ago
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What monster and Why  JatearBlackRose 19 1811 over a year ago
Rosario+Vampire RP  werandy 14 1760 over a year ago
Why does everyone practily hate Yukari?  Anthroswide 36 7051 over a year ago
Why are they waiting till June to Release the next manga chapter?  Legend_Jared 2 675 over a year ago
Rosario + Vampire RP Question!  Voodoo_Carpet 3 551 over a year ago
Rosario Vampire RP  TheAdventGhost 452 18083 over a year ago
Youkai Academy Rp  dargox 23 5927 over a year ago
My 2 Fan Fiction story lines :) Please read and enjoy  mikeb1082 0 601 over a year ago
Will there be a season 3 I know it's been asked a million times but please post the most resent news please  edmillet93 0 1185 over a year ago
Rosario Vampire Roleplay  DE4DLIESTP0NY 162 8753 over a year ago
The Best Rosario Vampie Fanfiction Story!  ReyDawG 1 3084 over a year ago
Why no merch?  WheeGal 5 2670 over a year ago
Is Moka's hair to long?  JatearBlackRose 8 1673 over a year ago
School Of Rosario RP  RosarioMistress 2 783 over a year ago
there better be one  moka223 0 557 over a year ago
Help please!  WheeGal 2 1643 over a year ago
How did you find Rosario Vampire  Senkagami 8 2431 over a year ago
sign this petition  Pikminlord 1 811 over a year ago
Since I saw this on Ebay...  dogapult 5 1002 over a year ago
No fucking weirdos allowed - R+V talk  Cbakez 1 731 over a year ago
VAMPIRE FUN CHAT!!! Come everyone (=  Inyaphobia 4 1068 over a year ago
Neko Amy's Fan Fiction Neko Band  NekoLoverChan 0 2852 over a year ago
Painting a canvas of moka.  MikeyAndVampire 1 823 over a year ago
site translation and  lv-mizore-chan 0 7196 over a year ago
OFF TOPIC  YukariIsNumber1 10 4173 over a year ago
what do you do when youre bored in skyrim?  9sexypandas 1 2131 over a year ago
Rosario Vampire--Review - Japanator  Dale9918 5 766 over a year ago
Rosario Vampire Collectables  hunterstreet13 0 1500 over a year ago
EPIX HD !! Klitschko vs Mormeck live Streaming WBA Boxing Online TV Coverage  mettrolife 1 703 over a year ago
Wladimir Klitschko vs Jean Marc Mormeck Live Stream PPV Odds Boxing RING/WBO/IBF/WBA Titles 2Night  mettrolife 0 714 over a year ago
Gonzo Contact Link  GrayFox786 1 1413 over a year ago
What would you like to see for season 3?  deluxe 10 3632 over a year ago
Am I the only girl who likes this series???  succubusgirl 12 1585 over a year ago
Manga Season II, chapter 50... WHERE IS IT?  Chrose 2 1157 over a year ago
PLEASE HEED MY WORDS. Now, about this petition...  NeedlessToSay 2 856 over a year ago
Who is stronger: Kurumu or Mizore?  QXT57 1 1276 over a year ago
Introduce yourself, type about what you like, hate, play, blahblahblah...  nidzula 1 3940 over a year ago
DryElectrix Is A arse  nija646 4 1065 over a year ago
Wierd Question  succubusgirl 12 1269 over a year ago
What did u think of season 1?  sulky_emo_guy 4 1022 over a year ago
Fan-Fiction: Mizore "companion character"  Mr_Fanfic 39 12561 over a year ago
ENGLISH DUB!!!  succubusgirl 12 8845 over a year ago
online portishion for a new season r+v  jessieyounge 0 617 over a year ago
online portishion for a new season r+v  jessieyounge 0 953 over a year ago
Wow.. <3  TsungKai 0 445 over a year ago
Who and why?  dei-girl 15 1506 over a year ago
I read until chapter 37 and....  ilovemoka 0 502 over a year ago
PERVGOD OLARs dirty pics XD  otakusanta 0 1419 over a year ago
Where can i find a "rosario" like the one in this anime?  Bradimus 2 691 over a year ago
All coming to an end?  Angolaman 4 937 over a year ago
Tsukune?  Angolaman 5 1132 over a year ago
Tribute Vids  2Pain4 0 631 over a year ago
Best voice?  Loner92 2 783 over a year ago
Devil May Cry ninja  rikimaru321 0 492 over a year ago