Rosario Vampire Will There Be A Season 3?

nmc400 posted on Dec 27, 2008 at 12:12AM
i wanna know if theres a season 3, im gunna one sad panda bear if there isn't

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over a year ago Namorock said…
Agreed but i enjoy variety after each series and i try not to watch story lines that are similar by too much...

but school theme is just impossible to get away from.... the people that make anime like cum a little when they think of high school.

well all in all gg hope this rosario comes soon i bet it will be great, <== very intrigued on what they may do around the previously suggested ideas.
over a year ago RosarioVampire_ said…
i hope capu 3 rosario+vampire comes out soon too :)

btw dragonball wasnt very good. but u gotta be honest the battles. they made the fights way to fast from the beginning its like they dont get faster at all during dragon ball z :O lol...

even tho gokus power when hes meeting radits is around 300-1200. and when hes fighting nappa/vegeta its 8000-25.000

and frieza im not sure when hes normal maybe 1.000.000 ?
over a year ago Namorock said…
when he first engaged vegeta it was 7k and raised with the use of of kaioken. freiza was never really calculated because goku just runs into shit without knowing and he doesn't have a scouter so he just rages until he's stronger than his opponent.

but basically after the Freiza saga scouters were basically removed, but for good reasons how lame would it be before each fight they're all like WAIT ONE SECOND PLEASE!! (scouter use engaged durda durda durrr) o he is very strong but he is holding something back show me your true power /rage omg he's really strong /rage more goku wins because krillin gets in the way and dies (again) making go to a new lvl SSJ.

but ya your guess is as good as mine all we know is frieza was like uber strong for the first bit and then krillin died and the battle was then finished by an angry Kamehameha after goku so graciously gave some of his power to frieza like what was he thinking, Frieza's dialogue through the whole saga. " i fucking hate saiyans rabble rabble rabble rabble I'm the strongest in the universe rabble rabble rabble, WHAT, SOME ONE BEAT ME THIS CAN'T BE. (Incoming stupid decision from goku) o it's okay frieza just leave earth and don't come back here's an energy drink to help you fly again /red bull moment.

back to frieza dialogue" thanks..... NOW DIE, RAGE!!!!!

Goku dialogue: " YOU STUPID IDIOT /angry Kamehameha/bitched slap /cheer /found all the dragon balls/ rez everyone /new saga / same thing happens to the androids.

over a year ago RosarioVampire_ said…
lol how old r u :P your langauge im thinking about.

btw if goku was a lil stronger at frieza saga. then id say:

frieza: normal: 500k, 2nd form= 1.000.000 3rd = 2.000.000 4th. = 4.000.000 and goku 4.250.000 at ssj ?


anyway people have guessed and guessed. my guess is that around end of buu saga goku´s strenght/power lvl = above

cause 1. hes 1.can do ssj2, and also ssj3 :O

its cinda awesome that vegeta nvr learns how to do ssj4 or ssj3 :P only by cheating haha
over a year ago Namorock said…
The reason for this is simply their instincts are different and because of that goku is able to surpass vegeta based on the requirements for the next lvl of SSJ.

It was said that goku's intentions were always wholesome and the reason for his fighting is to never lose to such evil.

vegeta on the other hand fights for the sake of killing and surpass his rival goku, his main fuel is the fact that he is the price of saiyans and his pride hinders his progression.

Bulma simply made a machine through analysis of Goku and was able to give Vegeta the power needed to achieve SSJ4, and of course everyone should know that it is through the Golden Oozaru that he was able to do this.

watch the Bebi saga you'll see i think it's near the end just before the shenrons appear that when the machine is used he turns into a Oozaru and then into SSJ4.

if you really want to know the power lvls just collect the cards it should show you their PL's there i believe i personally don't for the simple reason I'm paying money for cardboard for which i slam on a desk top and say i win, quite pointless IMO.

but to end power lvls became obsolete because of obvious reasons A: no one cares after awhile it's just assumed that in this form he is amazing. B: the numbers will end up far exceeding our capability to count. and C: they don't want to spend like 5 minutes going OMFG THIS PERSON HAS A POWER LEVEL OF 414134235433464365435412347231984712394127­498­147­189­421­894­619­241­264­918­246­912­491­26 491241264971264912469164912649169416249126­498­126­491­246­914­691­469­416­491­264­916­941 etc.....
over a year ago Namorock said…
My age has nothing to do with this.... not to mention, my age would probably come to surprise you... that is all.
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over a year ago RosarioVampire_ said…
so your 50 :O ? lol :P anyway. i know the difference with goku and vegeta.

there is db,dbz,dbgt and dbaf. to bad there are so few episodes of dbaf.
over a year ago Namorock said…
it needed to come to an end the series it self got old there wasn't too much more they could, in the end all they did was combine everything and multiple it.

EX: Gogeta Vegito Gotenks and then the SSJ forms for them as well and with new SSJ forms came the fusion of their signature moves, "Final Kamehameha" and my personal favorite "100x bigbang Kamehameha".

good show, but got old half way through GT especially when Gohan became that super hero figure it was just dumb at that point.

50..... you can do better,I'm much younger than that.

You know you can just click my name and it brings you to my profile..
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over a year ago Danman2327 said…
@Olar I'm not easily offended at all. I was just surprised something called "School Days" was like that. I'm actually watching it and I think its pretty funny. I'm into blood , gore, and nudity anyway. I already know what the ending is.

@Namarock I can't read all that, sorry(it just seems like your philosophy on the DragonBall series anyway). But I don't like Dragonball. I used to like it(in the 90s when I was a kid) but considering most of the series was goku staring at a giant energy ball for 3/4 of an episode and thinking about how powerful it is instead of moving out of the way or attacking the stationary opponent charging the energy ball, it sucked. I never even watched GT just because of the shitty intro music(it SUCKED). I also read about how it got canceled because no one watched it.(there was supposed to be a lot more to the series apparently). I know everything about DragonBall up to the end of the buu saga so don't lecture me about it. I also played the games so I know most of GT.

Also its Feb. and no trailer so I don't think RosVam is coming out anytime soon.

Also I watched some of Vampire Knight. I'm not really into it. It's a lot darker than what I expected(which isn't necessarily a bad thing but for some reason I don't like it that much). Maybe if I watch more of it I'll get into it though.
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over a year ago Namorock said…
Lecture? i think you have misunderstood....and it's not like I'm a huge fan either i just remember a lot more details than i probably should.

sorry that my paragraphs are at such an inconvenience to you ... and it's the first day of February plus people are just guessing atm i wouldn't get to hyped up or give up on the fact, these are hard times we have encountered in the last decade, good things take time, more so now than ever :D
over a year ago Danman2327 said…
Im really getting into school days now. Im at like the 8th episode.

Its sense of humor and pervynous are like rosario vampire. But starting at the end of episode 4 the main character starts getting fucked up and begins cheating on his girlfriend and ignoring her.
over a year ago Namorock said…
ya i couldn't watch that one it bothered me guy seems like a douche, he went out of his way to take a pic of her on his cell phone to get to talk to her another girl makes that happen and he starts fucking around on her because the other one is easy. GFG IMO i think i got about 6th episode than stopped right after they slept together.
over a year ago Olar said…
the main character is really a ass hole you will see he is going to fuck evri girl he sees like even the gren heard gurl
over a year ago Namorock said…
Ya i don't see the reason behind that it's lewd and a cowardly thing to do.

any who. i am currently watching sekirei, it's good action harem ecchi genre's plus some others but they aren't important :D
over a year ago Namorock said…
if anyone would like i can give you my complete list of anime that i have watched and a description, some may catch your interest.

most of them are in the same genre as rosario, i find i enjoy the drama ones the best usually very elaborate and well put together, but drama almost all the time follows the genre romance so it's up to you guys can get corney some times but very interesting.

IMO the best ones are drama/mystery.
over a year ago Olar said…
why not can you give it to me?
over a year ago Namorock said…
well it's quite the list and I'm on the last episode of this one anime so after this I'll be glad to.
over a year ago Olar said…
over a year ago Namorock said…
first of course i have Bleach, if you don't know that one gtfo.

The sacred Blacksmith: medieval period about how this chick turns into a sword for this other girl and there is a lot of mystery to it about the characters past lives and such.

Claymore: half breed demon/ humans but only girls, they have these large claymores as their weapons hence the name and have supernatural powers each claymore having a unique ability quite good story but has ended at 26 episodes because lack of money and fans.

Seikon No Qwaser: is a new anime about these people that control certain elements i suppose the main character controls steel or something, any ways only 3 episodes atm but it's 18+ and amusing.

Omamori Himari: again a demon based thing but this kid is a demon slayer and he is allergic to cats which is ironically what his guardian is.

Ookami Kakushi: it's a new one as well very odd idk what is really going on but this family moved tot his new town and there's this group of people that are randomly murdering their own if they fall in love with humans.

Shuffle: guy called Riin is confronted with the leaders from the demons and the gods on which daughter he will choose to be his bride, quite amusing it's another harem, also has a mystery to it as well. And there is also a shuffle memories but i wouldn't suggest it it's just some Japanese guy that narrates all the episodes to just watched kind of dumb, except for the last episode it's a special.

Kampfer: guy get's this bracelet that turns hi into a girl and the school he attends is not co-ed at all to half's to it one for either sex so most of the girls are lesbians, any ways it's ongoing and has quite the twist.

Tayutama-Kiss on my deity: this family that worships this certain god went to a construction site where an artifact was found and it's their god's, the friend accidentally runs her bike into it and releases the immature kid form of the god on to the world and is forced to take care of her as she goes on her quest for coexistence between humans and their kind.

Kanoken: is a harem pretty funny little kid gets caught up in this relationship with this horny fox spirit.

DearS: alien race of slaves has crash landed on earth, during the time of their arrival they start to ship out them selves around the world to learn more about it, one of the models falls off and finds this random guy and lives with him, it's quite interesting and amusing.

Magikano: is about witches and how this one witch got cursed and needs the power of this one guy to break it but he doesn't know he has this power because his witch sisters haven't told him about it and every time he comes close they hit him with a memorie hammer.

H20:foot prints int he sand: very sad story about a family that was basically banished from this village and a blind kid that falls for this banished girl and tries to make amends to the village.

Seto no Hanayome: guy goes on vacation and almost drowns and is saved by a mermaid but the rules are that if you discover they exist you must die or marry them to hold their secrecy.

Nyan Koi: ongoing one where this guy gets cursed by the cat god for knocking off it's and and later finds out that to get rid of the curse he must do 100 tasks for other cats, the catch is he is allergic to cats and if he doesn't do it soon he will turn into one and die.

Da capo: special Sakura tree also known as cherry blossom tree has the ability to grant wishes and the one that has the most control over it is the friend of the main char which becomes jealous of his current relationship with his non blood related sister.

The familiar Zero: girl summons a familiar which turns out to be a human and then realizes that he is special do to the mark that has been best-ode on his hand.

Akikan: a battle between steel and aluminum cans for drinking the plot is lame but the context is good, they are battling to see which can will be the right type of metal to now be produced regularly by the companies, only after they have found their masters which drink from them and they turn into girls.

kissXsis: is a OVA so only 3 episodes next is coming june 4th but it is very amusing and hot, parents get married with children on either side 2 twin older sisters and a guy on the other side, you find out quickly that the older twin sisters love the brother and start doing erotic things towards him.

The Ugly yet beautiful world: about a girl that appears from space after crashing from a shooting star and the main char finds her and little does he know her true identity nor does she....

To love RU: about this one girl that appears in this guys bath tube while he's there after she teleported and he grabs her breast's which apparently a marriage proposal...

Girls Bravo: 18+ guy is taking a bath and he gets teleported to this other planet with 90% of the population being women, but he is allergic to them because of his past experiences with females, except this one...

They are my Nobel masters: this guy and his sister have run away from home and are looking for a place to stay and they end up meeting this one rich family and become maid and butler for them, has quite a few twists.

Clannad: a delinquent boy attending high school ends up falling for a girl that talks to herself for motivation, but she has a rare illness.... very good series second season is awesome but sad.

Witch blade: is a bracelet that turns the user into this monster that kills things with high power lvls, very interesting quite the mystery kind of sad.

ladies VS butlers: takes place at a school it's ongoing and and the title pretty much says it but the main char quickly ends up getting the rep of pervert.

princess lover: guy is riding his bike and notices these guys trying to get at this princess in a horse carriage, he ends up saving her and then meets her at his new rich school.

Macademi Wasshoi: about a kid that is also a magician and he travels between earth and this magic school, ends up summoning an unexpected girl.

Sekerei: these sekerei were discovered and put into japans capital city for this war, but the sekerei don't unlock their true powers until they get winged by their destined ones, i thought it was actually really good looks like there is going to be a second season as well and i am looking forward to it.

The next ones i have yet to watch.

Ichigo 100% plus sequel
Tenjou Tanga plus sequel
Love Hina plus sequel
Elfen Lied

hope you find these ones good, depends on what you like.:D

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over a year ago Olar said…
thanks...o and if you are going to watch Ichigo 100% then read the manga the anime dosnt have a ending but the manga is complite
over a year ago Olar said…
Namorock man you are prverted just like me i wish you were my dad i men like lol or WoW dude you are OK in my book
over a year ago Namorock said…
Well my intentions weren't to get a chubby off of these videos, but yes, most portray that kind of behavior.
over a year ago Namorock said…
found a image of Kate beckinsale, the underworld women deemed the sexiest women on earth atm O.O
over a year ago Olar said…
i now im just saying you have the SAIME taiste as me
over a year ago blaze1514 said…
I have seen 18 of 34 of the shows listed and I have herd good things about all the ones I havent seen I just think you, if you like that type of show, watch Kanon 2006