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Unboxing Rosario Vampire Complete Box Set

Creditless season 2 opening

Rosario + Vampire (Shadows)

Rosario + Vampire AMV (Make a move)

Rosario and a Vampire opening

Comatose Rosario + Vampire

Rosario + Vampire AMV-Headstrong

Rosario+Vampire AMV Animal I have become

Rosario Vampire - Stacy's Mom

Moka is a sexy chick*

Snow Woman and Vampire

Another R+v Anime mix

Rosario vampire Amv numb

Official Clip Rosario vampire theme

New Metal Gear Solid

Rosario vampire capu2 PV

Rosario vampire game review

Rosario vampire episode 13

Rosario vampire episode 12

Rosario vampire episode 11

Rosario vampire episode 10

Rosario vampire Episode 9

Rosario vampire Episode 8

Rosario vampire episode 7

Rosario vampire Episode 6

Rosario vampire Episode 5

Rosario vampire episode 4

Rosario vampire episode 3

Rosario vampire Episode 2

Rosario+Vampire Episode 1

Rosario † Vampire: AMV

rosario vampire seson 3 trailer

R+V AMV - Witch Doctor

rosario seson 3 opening

Rosario + Vampire Capu2 Character Songs

Rosario + Vampire Character Songs

Cold wind blows


Rosario+ Vampire Petition


moka akashiya

AMV Anime Mix Dance - Maroon 5 Moves Like Jagger

Season 1 Ending Song

Kurumu is the best damn thing

Rosario movie like trailer

rosario+vampire capu 2 [OP HD]

rosario+vampire [OUT OF CONTROL]

Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull - On the floor. Sexy/Ecchi AMV [rosario+vampire]

Let it rock...

Mizore random momment...

Rosario+Vampire abridged part 1

Rosario+Vampire Capu 2 OP

how to meet an exstremly beautiful girl

Moka Akashiya - Hot!

Kurumu Character song - Nagisa no Deka Melon

Moka Akashiya - Bad Romance

Rosario + Vampire - Paparazzi

*Rosario + Vampire ~ Poker Face*

Rosario+Vampire ~ Love Game

Rosario + Vampire AMV ~ [Just dance]

Rosario Vampire Animal I Have Become

Rosario+Vampire - Don't Cha Push My Humps

U Can Touch This

Rosario Vampire Mizore AMV

Rosario Vampire AMV ~Beautiful Girls~

Rosario To Vampire - Numb

Rosario+Vampire: Bring Me To Life

♡Rosario † vampire-Break The Ice

Rosario to Vampire - Dancing Into The Night

Rosario To Vampire - You Make Me Feel

Rosario to Vampire - Moka and Tsukune's One Heart

Rosario + Vampire - Tsukune's All That

Rosario + Vampire- Miracle

Moka needs a miracle

Rosario + Vampire This is what dreams are made of.

Rosario + Vampire - Tsukune's Dream Girl

Kiss The Girl

Rosario Vampire: Simple and Clean REMIX TsukuneXMoka

Rosario + Vampire - Burning Love

Rosario + Vampire - Truth

Rosario + Vampire - Monster Mash (Director's Cut)

Rosario + Vampire - I Put a Spell on You

Rosario + Vampire - Maneater

Rosario + Vampire - Accidentally in Love

Rosario + Vampire - Ice Ice Baby

Rosario+Vampire - Silver Moka breaks the ICE!!!

Rosario+Vampire, Meikyuu Butterfly

Rosario + Vampire AMV (Face Down)

Rosario Vampire - No fear

Rosario + Vampire-Breakdown (AMV)

Rosario + Vampire AMV-Monsters

Rosario + Vampire AMV-Stricken - Disturbed

Rosario+Vampire: Moka Tribute

Rosario + Vampire - Feed My Frankenstein

Rosario + Vampire - This Calling

Rosario + Vampire - No Mercy

Rosario + Vampire - If I Die Tomorrow

Rosario + Vampire - Revolution

Rosario + Vampire ~ Angel's Punishment

Happy Halloween + A Vampire