This poem could be about any romantic affair. But it isn't; it is a suble tribute to Ross Gellar and Rachel Green, one of TV's most memorable couples. If you don't know the background of FRIENDS, then sure, it sounds like a hopeless romantic's attempt to make people believe in the power of love. However, R&R were my inspiration for writing this. Even though they aren't directly mentioned in the poem, their relationship throughout the series tells the classic tale of "love and loss, then love again." And that theme is what I tried to capture in these following lines. Thanks to Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer for bringing such passionate characters to life. And here's to Ross and Rachel forever!


Two people can meet on a gamble called chance,
Through fate’s clever scheming or sheer happenstance.
They might have known each other from years gone by,
There could have been sparks – only he was too shy.
This was the era, how long ago it seems,
That saw her bloom into the girl of his dreams.
Throughout their childhood he longed for her touch,
Though she never noticed, he loved her so much.
Time marches on, and the past rarely survives,
Those same two people now lead separate lives.
Today he lacks romance, but she wears a ring,
That’s when destiny decides to intervene.
They first become friends then a little bit more,
The truth is, some feelings you just can’t ignore.
Together they make such an unlikely pair,
Then again, fire and ice sometimes compare.
There’s no rhyme or reason to falling in love,
Turtledoves even question signs from above.
Total eclipses are more common a sight,
Than passion that burns like a beacon of light.
They are both only human – that is for sure,
Though no two beating hearts were ever more pure.
Tribulations can tear some couples apart,
Trust or lack of causes too many false starts.
Those are the facts, but I believe in the end,
That nothing is stronger than bonds between friends.