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Ross/Rachel - Surrender

Ross/Rachel - Tears Of An Angel

Ross and Rachel | Turning Page

Friends - Ross and Rachel | Hold On

Ross + Rachel || With or Without You

ROSS + RACHEL | over you

ross & rachel || can we surrender?

ROSS + RACHEL | catch me if you can

ross&rachel | come back when you can

ross&rachel | give me love

ross+rachel | the last time

Ross&Rachel | Love How It Hurts

ross + rachel | you and i

ross&rachel | this love

Ross + Rachel | love story

Goodbye ; R&R

Ross + Rachel | Something I Need

Your mouth is poison.. (Ross+Rachel) ♥

FRIENDS | Ross & Rachel | "Gravity"

ross + rachel | goodbye

Ross & Rachel | Explosions

Ross&Rachel | Love Me Again

Ross & Rachel | Say Something

ross&rachel || far away

ross & rachel || stay (reuploaded)

Ross + Rachel // With or without you

ross & rachel || dear darlin'

ross&rachel | staring at the only love I know

Ross and Rachel | ONE MORE NIGHT

ross & rachel | find a way to you

ross & rachel║in your arms

ross & rachel || clarity

ross&rachel | stay with me

i know you care | ross + rachel

ross&rachel | mine again

ross+rachel | give me love

ross+rachel | holocene

a thousand years | ross + rachel

ross&rachel | gravity

Ross & Rachel - Can't Live Without You


Friends- Ross/Rachel- If You're Not The One

Ross + Rachel "Your wrong, It's because you mean more to me"

Ross and Rachel: Payphone

Ross & Rachel.

Rachel + Ross (Kiss Me)

with or without you | ross + rachel

ross&rachel | chasing cars

Ross/Rachel~Looking Through Your Eyes

FRIENDS: Jealousy. "You have a playdate with a stripper?!"

Ross & Rachel - Fairly Right

Ross & Rachel - Yellow Ledbetter

Ross and Rachel

Ross & Rachel We Needed each other (Friends)

the reason | ross & rachel

Ross/Rachel •›› "shine like the sun"

Ross & Rachel | Airplanes

Ross and Rachel/ I'll be there for you

Rachel & Ross || Belong Together

Don't forget me, I beg...

last dance | ross and rachel

ross and rachel | for us to say goodbye

jennifer&david | this is it

ships in the night | ross & rachel

jennifer&david | we have a lot of history

jennifer&david | only love

No Happy Ending {Ross/Rachel}

Ross x Rachel - Everytime We touch

Ross and Rachel- Always

ross&rachel | sky's still blue

Ross and Rachel ~ I'd Wait For Life

Ross & Rachel // Don't

Talk You Down - Ross/Rachel

Ross & Rachel That Should Be Me

Ross & Rachel - That's The Way It Is

Blue Clear Sky

jennifer&david | the memory will never die (for caroline)

Ross & Rachel || Kiss Me

I Will Always Return

Ross&Rachel // Who do you think you are?

Ross and Rachel. ~Coldplay. Yellow.

Ross and Rachel - Signs

Ross and Rachel: Without You

Ross & Rachel - If You're Not The One

Ross and Rachel -Sad Eyes


Friends Rachel and Ross

Ross & Rachel // right here, waiting for you

Ross&Rachel | Dream

Ross & Rachel | Just the way you are


Friends - Ross and Rachel.

Ross and Rachel - Lobsters

Ross and Rachel

Rachel and Ross Happy Ending xx

Ross and Rachel - I Hope You Find It (Full)

ross and rachel everything x

Friends Ross & Rachel {Forever}

Ross And Rachel - 3 Words

breathless (rachel and ross)