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Cartoon Hook-Ups: Shadow and Rouge

Part of a cartoon series on youtube.

Sonic Dash Rouge The Bat Gameplay

I never heard of this game.

Recoloring Rouge to Ashley and Amy to Riin Sapphire

I think videos like this are why people just recolor real characters, and claim that they're their own original OC.

Rouge The Bat In Latex

She's back in black.

Sonic World gameplay - Rouge the Bat

Never heard of this game, but it looks very good.

Boobs The Bat: Emerald Stealer

Rouge kicks Shadow in the face, and then she farts. Kinda reminds me of that fanfic, Rouge's Farting Problem, but I don't know why they would have her fart in this trailer.

Rouge's Theme Song

The title says it all

Something Must Be Done

Rouge has to work for the president

Sonic To Rouge

Interesting transformation.

Sonic X Episode 11

All about Rouge, (most of the time.)