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Guide by lilbabbin13 posted over a year ago
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Who loved seeing Big Show & Mark Feuerstein vs. Ted DiBiase & Virgil on RAW. Big Show was the garbage man on episode 3 season 2. If you loved that episode watch Big Show and Mark (Hank) on RAW. link. I loved it! Mark didn't really get his hands dirty but seeing him in such a diffrent setting was awesome. The funniest part of him being on RAW was Mark and Big Show challenging Virgil and Ted DiBiase. The beginning is kind of stupid but keep watching it's hilarious! link
Opinion by Lisa_Huddy posted over a year ago
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As you all may know, this is the Royal Pains Spot, a fan club for USA'a new hit show, Royal Pains. Not that I have a problem with the content on the spot, but a few things could be done to improve it.

Icons are useful on Fanpop. They are used for user icon pictures, to decorate articles, ect. I have noticed that cone of the icons here are not withing the usual size of 100x100 pixels. I'm not going to metion ny names, but if you were the poster of these icons, I am kindly requesting that you eiter edit your icons to the correct size, or move them to fanart.

Some people on the spot take their time to post links, pitures, ect. It would be helpful for other fans to rate other peoples workto not only help other fans find good quality "Fan-Stuff", but also help the poster get the medal that they may or may not want and/or deserve.

Come on guys! We are the Royal Pains fans! Start saying your GOOD(emphasis on good because I just had a flash back starring two fans who were posting rude and unnessasary opinions in the asnwer section) OPINIONS in notes or picks. Start talking to other fans on fourms...
Article by Councilman posted over a year ago
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Today so much of the "Music" is so muttered and poorly mixed it's hard to understand the words. That has been the case with the theme song and my trying like mad to even figure out almost any of the lyrics. I have seen questions about what the theme song name was and no one had the answer and googling it didn't help. Well I finally found it. The name of the song is Independence by the Blue Van and the lyrics are as follows.
My independence went away
I didn´t listen when it said 'rely on yourself trusting someone else is a path for the silent ghost'
My independence went astray
I didn´t think you could betray the pieces that belong inside yourself
Still I wonder where did we go wrong

Dear independence, which way do go?
Dear independence, the world will know what I think is right

My independence kicked me out
It fed me to a hungry crowd
Like a leper I´m not touched and cannot bear to wath as I lose the will to lose myself
Opinion by Councilman posted over a year ago
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Since the 1930s and 40s there have been Doctor movies followed by TV shows like Dr. Kildare with Richard Chamberlan and Dr. Ben Casey with Vince Edwards and all the General Hospital, ER, Scrubs, and all the rest, most of which were the same more or less. Now with this TV show there is a difference in that the star is not cut from the George Clooney type mold but looks like a real everyday guy and has and ethic seldom seen in Doctors or professionals of any stripe these days. Not only that but his Associate Divya seems to be cut from the same bolt of cloth, as is Jill the hospital administrator, leaving the brother Evan as the wild card and comedy relief. It will be interesting as time goes on to see how things develope between Hank and Jill and also to see what plans Boris has for Hank. It never hurts to have a benefactor with billions in your corner.
I can think of all kinds of things that the writers have over looked already and hope to see some of them addressed in the near future. Things like the cost of Hanks malpractice insurance or the fact that when he and Jill do get together her dream of a free clinic could take a giant leap forward with Hank's help just a few hours...