Since the 1930s and 40s there have been Doctor movies followed by TV shows like Dr. Kildare with Richard Chamberlan and Dr. Ben Casey with Vince Edwards and all the General Hospital, ER, Scrubs, and all the rest, most of which were the same more or less. Now with this TV show there is a difference in that the star is not cut from the George Clooney type mold but looks like a real everyday guy and has and ethic seldom seen in Doctors or professionals of any stripe these days. Not only that but his Associate Divya seems to be cut from the same bolt of cloth, as is Jill the hospital administrator, leaving the brother Evan as the wild card and comedy relief. It will be interesting as time goes on to see how things develope between Hank and Jill and also to see what plans Boris has for Hank. It never hurts to have a benefactor with billions in your corner.
I can think of all kinds of things that the writers have over looked already and hope to see some of them addressed in the near future. Things like the cost of Hanks malpractice insurance or the fact that when he and Jill do get together her dream of a free clinic could take a giant leap forward with Hank's help just a few hours a week.
Even on the other hand is going to make a serious move on Divya over and over and be shot down every time. That has already been set up.
So far with just three episodes out it's been refreshing not to be the same old thing rehashed, and a nice change from House which has become nothing but annoying with his hateful attitude toward Cuddy who clearly loves the idiot.
Looking forward to what ever is up next.