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Royal Pains Who Here likes Tucker?

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 evangaline posted over a year ago
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mat29cool picked Yes:
I LOVE Tucker!!! he is my number 3 favorite!!! :)
posted over a year ago.
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HouseJr picked Yes:
I loooooove Tucker, esspecially with his new short haircut (the beginings of a character crush are starting *blushes*) I hope we get to see more of him in season 2, I see him as a very invaluable character :D
posted over a year ago.
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clanbillr picked Yes:
I especially like Hank's second and third Hampton's patients. Tucker Bryant is the teenage great-grandson of the inventor and Libby is his girlfriend!!! Tucker and Libby were injured when Tucker crashed his father's Ferrari; Libby's injuries are mild but Hank discovers that Tucker, who was more severely wounded, is a hemophiliac, which complicates his injuries. Hank performs a McGyver-like procedure to stabilize him (such procedures are pretty commonplace in the series). Hank later befriends the couple!!!
But I'm always looking forward to seeing Tucker come back to the show!!!
posted over a year ago.