: Cold memories of her past life ringed in her mind. Deaths and murders,gone and horrible. The murder of her mother and father. She swore revenge on who killed her parents.

Skykit grew cold and hungry,for she didn't have a mother,until Dawnlight,a thunderclan queen,offered to nurse her. So she did. Skykit later turned into Skypaw,her mentor Whirlpool.

It was her ceremony,for her warrior name. She got the name Skystorm. It was very cold and harsh Leaf-bare,but she had to stay the night out to guard the camp.

In the morning,she looked around. Only her crush was walking in the camp clearing,his sleek dark silver tabby pelt glowing,his black paws "pow-powing" against the snow floor.

She started to run. He looked and followed her. But she was fast and swift. He was no match for her. She called out "I'm sorry!". She looked down,starting to cry and whispered " I'm so sorry"