" Mosskit, Mosskit , wake up!" I could hear my brother sister and

mother calling for me to get up but I could not move, talk, and I

could barly beathe. " Let's go Mistykit and Stonekit we have to

go " my mother said.

" What about Mosskit" they asked.

" We have to go" she said. When they were long gone that's

when I could start to breathe again. So I ran, and ran until I

could smell another cat." Hello little kit what's your name?" said

the Tom.

" Mosskit " I said.

" I'm Duststar leader of RubyClan come with me Mosskit, I'll take

you to camp you must be cold little one." Dustsar said, then

he pick me up by the scruff the carried me to the RubyClan

camp, and took me to the nursery.

" Please take care of her Skystorm" he said the the she-cat. "

Hello my little kit" she said like I was her kit. Do they want me to

think I was born here! Well, Skystorm was young I thought this

might be her Frist litter of kits. I also saw she was depressed I

,guessed that she had lost someone close like a litter mate, so I

finally told myself I'd play along and say I was her kit, but I

promised myself

I would never forget my mother.

I was starting to lost all hope of my littermates I couldn't

remember their names or what they looked like or how many.

Then I forgot everthing. " Mosskit, Spottedkit, Featherkit there

you are come here my kit" my mother said.

" Duststar hunted some fresh-kill for you" Duststar is my father

and leader of RubyClan, and I am going to be made an

apprentice today.

" Clan meeting" my fathers voice rang out though the clearing.

" Mosskit my daughter step forward" he said.

" You have reached the age of 6 moons and youwill be made an

apprentice Mosskit until you have earned your warrior name you

will be called Mosspaw. Mosspaw your mentor will be

Cherryshine. Cherryshine I hope you will pass down your

wisdom and knowledge to my kit " he said then we touched

noses.Yes! I thought I wanted to be medicine cat, and Duststar

said that if I did not like being a medicine cat then I could be a

warrior. In the end I decided to be a warrior but I was the best

medicine cat I knew all the herb but I just wanted to be a warrior,

but my sister Featherpaw got to medicine cat apprentice instead

I learned all the herbs the Frist day that's what made me a great

medicine cat, this my Frist border patrol and I'm a warrior

apprentice now my mentor is Starheart. When Starheart was

showing me the border we ran into Skystorm and Shadowpaw I

saw Shadowpaw my crush looking at me with a soft gaze like he

was mooning over me. I blushed and he blushed back he was

so darn cute! After my border patrol he came over to me "Meet

me at the border tonight ok?" Shadowpaw said like this was

supposed to be secret he gave me no choice! " Ok " I said. I

don't know why I said ok! That night I slipped out of camp to go

see him by the border.

" Hi Mosspaw" he said softly.

" Hi" I said.

" What do you want to do" I asked him.

" Climb?" he said.

" Ok" I said very unsure.

We climbed almost all night then I said " Let's do this tomorrow"

" Ok " he said happily.

I tiptoed back into camp " Where have you been Mosspaw?" I

turn around to see my mother. " Couldn't sleep went for a walk" I

lied." Oh alright" she said. Two moons have passed sense that

night and I have seen Shadowpaw every night and to be truthful

it's the only time actually saw each other beside in the

apprentices den but today I have we have our warrior

assessment and I passed I will,become a warrior today as will

Shadowpaw. " Clan meeting" Tallstar meowed.

" Mosspaw, Featherpaw, Spottedpaw, and Shadowpaw do you

understand the ways of the warrior code?" he asked.

" We do " we said.

" Do you promise to serve you clan even if it costs you your

lives?" he said.

" We do" we both said proudly.

" Then I give you your warrior names Mosspaw you shall be

known as Mosspool the clan honors your wit, wisdom, and

stealth. Shadowpaw you shall be know as Shadowheart the clan

honors you kindness, swiftness, and courage. Featherpaw you

will be know as Featherstorm the clan honors your patience,

Knowledge, and loyalness. Spotted paw you will be known as

Spottedtail the clan honors your fearlessness, courage and

strength in battle " he said proudly.

Shadowheart , Mosspool, Featherstorm , Spottedtail!" the clan


We sat in vigil until dawn I really missied talking to Shadowheart

but we were in vigil and could not speak and after the vigil I

began to notice my belly was getting bigger. My mother walked

up " Looks like you are going to have kits Mosspool!"

Kits! Shadowhearts kit and my kit I felt like a dream had come

true! I raced to the Warriors den. " Shadowheart I have to talk to

you" I said happily I was jumping up and down but my belly

began to hurt to much and I stopped jumping but was smiling

" Yeah" he said.

" Let's go hunting" I said I didn't want me mother or father to

ruin this. We went to the Nothern part of our territory

" Shadowheart" I turned to face him.

" Yes, Mosspool?" he asked.

" I'm going to have our kits" I said smiling.

" That's awesome Mosspool!" he looked like he was about to

explode with happiness.

" I'm glad you care" I said relived sometimes toms don't want

anything to do with kits at all.

" I love you Mosspool" he whispered in my ear.

I whispered back in his ear " I love you to" I purred.

TO BE CONTIUED............