" Shadowheart!" I yelled.

" Yes, Mosspool?" he asked.

" Let's go hunting" I said.

" Ok" he purred happily. We hunted birds,

rabbits, mice same old same old prey when I

asked " Do you think there are clans beyond


" Why not we are made up of cat strong and

brave why can't other cats do the same"

Shadowheart said.

" Shadowheart I love you so much" I said.

" I love you so much more" he purred.

We walked and talked all the way to camp then

" Im going to move into the nursery tomorrow" I

said to my mate I felt like I needed to move into

the nursery it was just so close to bare-leaf my

kits needed to be safe. I moved into the nursery

that night I walked outside and looked up at the

stars my mothers brother was up there she said I

looked just like him and Featherstorm looked just

like her and Spottedtail Duststars Goldeneyes

and dark brown fur. " Wonder what you were

like" I said as I gazed up at the stars .

Two moons later........

" Cherryshine! I'm having kits here" I yowled in

pain Cherryshine and Featherstorm raced to the

nursery as soon as it started it was over. I had

three beautiful kits Shadowheart and I named

the pure black one after him Shadowkit the one

the looked like me Blackkit and the youngest one

was beauiful she had little white stripes on her

little black body we named her Whitekit.

These are my kits and I will do anyting to protect