My kits and I were in the nursery and then Shadowheart walked

up to me " Do you want to go hunting with me Mosspool?"

" Ok I'll have Skystorm watch the kits" I said when Skystorm and

my kits were set I went hunting I caught a mouse on the border

and I also saw red and white peaking out of the brambles when I

walked up the them a lovely white kit with red dots and blue

eyes was there I gasped Shadowheart walked over and he was

shocked we were both thinking- Who would leave a kit in the

cold like this? I pick the kit up and raced back to camp with

Shadowheart on my tail the kit looked five or four moons old and

my kits were only one moon so I couldn't say she was my kit.

When I walked into the nursery my kits were bouncy asking

question and then Whitekit asked " Who's she mama?"

" A kit I found in the woods" I said to her she asked no more

questions when the kit opened her eyes the Frist thing she said

was " Were am I! I have to get home!"

" Little kit slow down. Who are you? Where is your home?" my

mother asked to the kit who was still in shock of being in here

" I'm Rosekit daughter of Scourge and Scorchclaw" she said " I

am from ummm RiverClan" I looked at her and said.

" We can't help you but you can join our clan" she looked at me

with the same gaze strong and fierce.
" I'll join your clan then" she was a very unusual kit she was so

strong. Duststar was calling a meeting when Roeskit was

teaching my kits how to do the hunting crouch " Rosekit your a

filthy mess!" I exclaimed and pulled her overand started to lick

her getting her fur nice and clean we all walked over to the high

rock " Roeskit you have reached the age of six moons and from

this day forward until you have earned your warrior you will be

know as Rosepaw. I will be your mentor" they touched noses

and I was the Frist one to cheer her new name that night a kit

who looked like me said " Moss and Rose will fight Tiger and

Scourge to save the clans along with Fire"

" Wait don't go!" I yelled.

@ Sky hope u like it!