1) Rupert can make her "laugh like no one else". this is an important point because girls generally like guys that can make them laugh.
2) Even though she likes Dan's hugs she is always pulling Rupert in for one.
3) On the last day of filming she and Rupert sat together and she hugged him and kissed him on the cheek.
4)In an interview she said that the kiss was intense but then mumbled "but it was good" with a dreamy face and a grin spread across her face.
5) The way she looks at him in interviews is not how a sister would look at their brother.
6) She admitted herself that she and Rupert both enjoyed the kiss
7)Dan said that Emma and Rupert "enjoyed it a bit too much I think"
8)She said that she cannot imagine life without Rupert
9)she rated Rupert's kiss 7 out of 10 which is pretty good
10) She called Rupert a "gentleman, gorgeous and a great kisser"
11)She always clutches Rupert's hand or arm in some premiere or interview
12)She gets really happy when Rupert gets lost in her eyes
13) she said she would really like a "ron type character" in her life which hands down means Rupert cause he's exactly like his character
14)I saw a pic of her and her ex bf Jay Barrymore and she looked so miserable with him and she is always smiling and laughing next 2 Rupert
15)At the end of Rupert's speech at the London Premiere when he went to shake hands with David Yates i think thats who he was but when he went Emma grabbed his arm and pulled him towards her and hugged him
16)Emma got so hurt when Rupert said he had no memory of their kiss and looked as if she were saying that she'll have to kiss him again to make him remember
17) She at fourteen had already predicted that she would have to kiss Rupert
18) On the last day of shooting she kissed Rupert passionately on the cheek
19) When Rupert kissed her on the head she looked absolutely delighted
20)She sarcastically said that she is going to get married and have ginger kids.The interviewer asked"The ring is from the Grints or the Radcliffes?" and she said "No from the Grints. Come on."Even when she's being sarcastic she'd rather marry Rupert than Dan.
21) Emma in one interview interupted Rupert a lot but to me it looked as if she were finishing his sentences
22)She gazed at Rupert from the start of one interview right to the end of one interview
23)"Rupert buys such awesome stuff and i buy such boring stuff." "You know Rups im gonna give you some of my money and you buy me some awesome stuff"
24) She looked absolutely delighted when Rupert gave his speech in the Harry Potter premiere
25) She finally said, " Honestly I love Rupert."