"Rupert! Rupert!' came the shouts of the hysterical fans as he stood on the red carpet of the London Premeire for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. It was rather nerve racking standing there waiting there for the rest of the cast to arrive. "Rupert! Rupert' came the constant screams of fans
a long black limo arrived and out came an angel, wearing a long flowing feathery gown, her now short brown hair glistened in the sunlight. This angel in the form of Emma Watson went to Rupert who smiled and held her arm in his. "Have you prepared your speech Rupe?"
"Umm.. Not really.you?"
"No" smiled Emma
"I don't believe that" said Rupert a smile spread across his face.
After a moment he realized that they were already on the stage that was set for them.
One by one all said their goodbye and thankyou speeches.
After Emma finished her speech she went and embraced Rupert in a hug.
That would certainly make him fumble a bit in his speech he thought
As he came to deliver his speech a mighty roar of screams and hoots came from the crowd.
Okay that would be a cause for a few more fumbles
As he delivered his speech he looked towards Emma time to time and saw tears form in her eyes.
Finally he concluded his speech by saying the words "I Love You I Really Do." and although he wanted to make it look as if he meant to both Emma and Daniel but by the way he looked at Emma and the way his right arm was pointed towards her direction made it rather obvious whom he meant.
Emma's emotions got the better of her and she in the midst of tears looked extremely touched and looked as if she wanted to say the same.
That wasnt so bad thought Rupert as he made his way to shake hands with David Yates. He felt a sudden jerk and realized that Emma had just pulled him for a hug.
While they hugged Emma whispered "I Love You Too"
in his ear so softly that only he could hear it.