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The fans pick: crazy obsessive
crazy obsessive
he is the most amazing person
The fans pick: Hell yeah!
Hell yeah!
Not sure Leona suits his...
The fans pick: those come to bed eyes
those come to bed eyes
or those kissable lips mwah
The fans pick: Yes
The fans pick: Yes
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Blodwyn said …
I love you Ryan. I want to marry you!! Posted over a year ago
Neonex said …
Ryan Tedder ruined OneRepublic for me. I may have actually liked the band, but he is so arrogant that it ruined it for me all together. He came to my house for a party, and acted like a pompous tool. He thinks he walks on water, but in reality I've met people in prison with more class than him. Everyone I know that has met him says the same thing- He is a jerk. I will never listen to anything he sings, and pray his career crashes and burns. Posted over a year ago
priyoti123 commented…
you are a offence but he is the most amazing living persons alive so pls forgive me if i offenced you n u dont have to comment if u dont like him bcuz its a fansite not a complain box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Neonex over a year ago
Zeda said …
He's ah-maz-ing. ♥ Posted over a year ago