Taeyeon: taeyeon’s living a happy life but is reminded by the sunshine shining her house of a memory with her lover, holding hands

Jessica: jessica the relationship has ended ’cause of her busy work, etc. & other half has been fetching her when she just got back from work. when thinking back about this, she regretted a lot. Now, she’s lonely, sitting by her se...lf in the luxury car.he’s not beside her, feeling tired and restless. For now, what’s the need of branded bags, costumes? back to her real own self, in that sad, disappointed feeling, she found a little bit of hope..
Sunny: Sunny ended her relationship & has no regrets. With her dark clothes, it shows that her personality(?) is very strong walking in the heavy downpour rain, shows that she wants to hide her tears
Tiffany: Tiffany can’t cry loudly at home so she goes to the park to cry. tiffany and her lover are colleges and were at the point where they were talking about marriage, but then he leaves her. months later she still doesn’t know the reason why he left her, even though he won’t come back she still wants to know the reason, “maybe it is my fault?
Hyoyeon: Hyoyeon waits for her ex, but doesn’t know if he’ll come. she keeps checking her watch, Her watch is a gift from her grandfather.
Yuri: Yuri is waiting for a phone call but they never call…interesting and then she goes to a bar and has a few drinks with friends, but when her friends leave she feels all lonely again
Sooyoung: Sooyoung on a business trip, and picks up the a call from her lover. don’t know when it started but they always argue on the phone
Yoona: Yoona ditches her wedding because she misses & keep thinking about her ex-boyfriend so she’s running back hoping to get back together
Seohyun: seohyun is rich, parents don’t let her go out often. she reminisces a lover from a long time ago, wishing she confessed to him then she could live a happier life that doesn’t only exist in her dream