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Sacred_Love1550 Fan fiction Article

Dawn of a New Era - Ch.55: An Old Friend

Fan fiction by Sacred_Love1550 posted over a year ago
fan of it?
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Here's Ch.55! Thx for all of your comments! And this one is for joe-edwardfan! Love you hon!!!

I stumbled when it seemed I had just popped out of nowhere beside my brothers.
Everyone was shouting my name in relief.
Dude! Where'd ya go? Emmett thought and I looked at him questioningly.
You just vanished into thin air and then popped back here beside me and Jasper when you WERE way over there! Is there some secret power you didn't tell us about or something?
I shook my head and looked around and gasped.
The dragon was in the air struggling with something, something that was tearing it limb from limb.
And then suddenly black flames arose and burned up the entire dragon as it cried out in agony.
We were all speechless until I remembered Bella. I looked and saw her black eyes dissipate back into white as she shut them and fell back on the horses lap.
And then Alice gasped as we saw it too. The shining spiral and silver lining horn that came from the horse's head.
No, it can't be. . . Carlisle thought as everyone else's thoughts came too.
Well I'll be. . . Esme thought, bewildered, but also in awe.
I thought it was only in fairytales! Rosalie thought in shock.
Ohmygoodness! Ohmygoodness! Alice trilled as she jumped up and down in excitement.
I know this! Now what is it. . . uh . . . Emmett thought, and I almost laughed at Emmett's pitiful attempt to figure out what it was.
Look at how close they are. . . It knows Bella fairly well. Jasper thought reasonably.
I looked back into the unicorn's eyes as Bella rested peacefully against it. Suddenly an orb of bright light formed at the tip of its glittering horn and went straight into our minds.
And then we saw all of the unicorn's past. . . from the time it was born, shunned, banished, its wandering the earth, when it met Bella, when Bella named her Flicka and they quickly bonded. . . until the part where Bella left and Flicka was left there all alone until she decided to venture out in search of her companion. And then Flicka being hunted down by the dragon from before, and as she began losing stamina to run, Bella showed up and started fighting the dragon, trying to save her, yet again.
We all came out of the memories with new profound respect for the mystical creature before us. And I could tell, by gazing into her eyes, that she wanted to be the one to save Bella this time.
We watched as a glittering mist covered Bella's body like a veil. And then the deep gashes in her left shoulder started to heal and the blood stopped flowing out of it.
After a few seconds, Bella woke up.
She raised up and gazed around her with alarm and she looked back at her friend.
"Flicka. . ." she whispered with joy, throwing her arms around Flicka's neck.
"I missed you. . . you have no idea of how much I regretted that day I left you. How can you ever forgive me?" Bella questioned her, thin red tears spilling down her face.
Flicka made grunting sounds and nodded her head as if to say yes she forgave her.
Then she stood up, pulling Bella up with her.
"Everyone, this is Flicka." Bella introduced.
"She introduced her herself," Alice pimped in, grinning at the two of them.
Surprise and understanding flickered over Bella's face.
"Oh!" she said, looking back at Flicka and patting her soft head. "So you already told them everything. . . through the power of Knowing."
"What was that?" Carlisle asked, already curious about the whole situation but hearing that made him even more curious.
She turned to look at him and smiled.
"I'll answer all of your questions concerning Flicka at the house," Bella answered and everyone nodded eagerly and ran in the direction of the house as Flicka followed along behind them.
Bella knew we had to talk about. . . what happened. . . before.
"Bella, what exactly happened?" I asked.
"Just let it go Edward," she said in a stiff voice, avoiding eye contact with me.
"Bella, I can't, you know that."
"Edward, please." She stressed, tense now.
She tried to walk past me, head still down, but I caught her by the arm and stopped her.
"Let me help you," I said softly and then she met my eyes with her fiery ones.
"You can't help me Edward. No one can. That's what I've been trying to tell you!" She was yelling now. "I'm not good; I'm all dark, what you saw proves it!"
"I don't believe that, you're good Bella. You have light in you too." I told her, hoping she would just listen and see. . .
But it seemed to have just fallen on deaf ears.
"Yeah. . . but sometimes there's just not enough," she whispered as she had that faraway look again.
She ran in the direction of our family and I followed behind her, hoping all the while she would realize how great she truly is.

So, I wanted to put some other stuff in there too but I figured I'd wait until the next sequel... Bella's darkness is starting to come alive inside her, what will she do? Keep reading to find out! ^_^

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miley13 said:
yay I love it it is amazing ..I wonder how the next chapter will come out ...hmmmmm
oh alright luv u hunz just keep on doing more :)
posted over a year ago.
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Truly your Amazing, Like you writing!!!!
That was sweeeeet=) i Absolutely loved it!
i cant wait till the next chapter.. its going to be awesome i can tell:)
Keep up with the good work! not like i need to you,
Love ya, Xxxxx
posted over a year ago.
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mcs50 said:
WOW!I just read today Ch 54 and 55. They are awesome! I loved them! Please, keep writing!!! You r amazing!
posted over a year ago.
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Awww Bella and Flicka r reunited!!!
This chap was awsome!!!!
I freakin loved it!!!!
Oooo i cant wait to see whats gonna happen nex!!!
U r a truly talented writer... all ur stories jus keep me coming back for more!!!
I cant wait to see whats gonna happen with Bella!!!
posted over a year ago.
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awesome!! flicka is so cool!
posted over a year ago.
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Hey Its Kaley from twilightaddiction1901.webs.com I talked to you a little on the website, but I haven't commented on here, because I did not have a Fanpop. I thought I would let you no I have been reading your story and think you are amazing!!!
posted over a year ago.
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big smile
i love the story!!
sorry for not commenting the day it came out as usual but i havent been on for like over a month.
but i see ur still writing amazing stories!!
posted over a year ago.
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Jess531 said:
You have a beautiful imagnation (spelled wrong lol). That was a grate story :) I loved it!
posted over a year ago.