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Sailor Moon Fan fiction Article

Grumpy Lita!

Fan fiction by LUCKYSTARGURLA posted over a year ago
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One day, It was a cloudy day "Luna!" screamed Usagi. some mean Boys took Luna and then Customized Luna. The first boy said:"I'll call you..." The second boy screamed excitedly:"Kusha!" The third boy said:"That sounds fun." So then Usagi adopted another animal that's a rabbit, and the pet-keeper said:That will be 48 dollars. What?! screamed Usagi and spent all her money and went outside lifted the bunny up and said:Let's call you Rabbit Serena. Lita came and said What do you have there!? Usagi said a rabbit. Lita took it and Usagi said NO DON'T DO ANYTHING STUPID And Lita felt grumpy and said I'm sorry. And Usagi kept Lita happy for the rest of the time.
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