This was an idea I had what I thought could happen after Sam saw Carly and Freddie dancing in the Juice bar

Sam's Pov
Of all people to turn me down and it had to be Gibby? None of us would expect it would be Gibby; 'the shirtless weird friend' to have a girlfriend. Since Carly had a date, I felt left out. Of course Carly would have a date! After me and Frednub helped her. But she didn't need much help. She is one of those pretty daffodil type girls that all the guys automatically go for. All I am to guys, is a dude who can joke around and help in wrestling matches. To make matters worse was that even Freddork had a date?! However, it was some freaky weird girl who does magic tricks. Match made in weird heaven.

Instead of going home, eating ribs and ice cream after being turned down, I decided to go to the Juice bar. But when I got there, I froze on the spot. How could they do this to me? My two best friends? Dancing so close? I thought they had other dates; but they are going behind my back and... and... the thought disgusted me. Carly was supposed to be my best friend. How could she do this to me? Freddie is... is... Wow... what is he to me? Why do I have a bit of a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach; after seeing him with Carly like that?
"Thanks, Freddie." Carly smile sweetly mumbling those words to him.
"Your welcome." A smile crept up on his face.
That was all I could take before I left. They were to blinded by love to notice me, see that I'm... broken.

As I was walking down, head down and shoulders slumped; I didn't realise that I bumped into someone.
"Oh... Sam? Hey I'm so sorry." Wait a minute, I know that voice. It was Carly's smoking hot ex boyfriend Griffen. (I know Carly and Griffen didn't date that early (I think,) but in this story, they did. They broke up because they had no chemistry, (only in this story.))
"No worries dude. I didn't see where I was going." I apologised as strong as I could before I broke down crying. No! Sam Puckett doesn't cry. And especially not in front of anyone.
"Are you OK? Why do you look sad?" He asked in a gentle voice. OK... This is weird. You would NEVER expect a bad boy like Griffen to be concerned about someone.
"Oh what do you care? Why does anyone care? Compared to Carly your little ex, I'm a nobody." I sniffed looking down again after my outburst.
"So that is why? Your jealous because of Carly?" He asked folding his arms.
"Yes... no... maybe... I don't no!" I replied. When has it become easy to talk to him; but since when do I stutter?
"Why don't you tell me about it?" He questioned me looking sympathetic.
I sighed and told him the tragic tale...