The first time Sam saw her was on the first day of school. She was walking down the hallway. She was beautiful, gorgeous, and if Sam had been asked to picture an angel, he would have pictured a girl who looked just like her. She was wearing a white dress, and her blond hair fell in loose waves all the way down to her perfect breasts, and she held her books tight against her chest. She was walking with five other girls, and yet she looked so sad, alone.

Sam was walking with a couple other guys who were popular and on the football team, guys who had befriended him the instant he walked into the school, as apparently he had potential to be a "cool" guy. He desperately wanted to know who the girl was, and why she looked on the verge of tears.

"Who is that?" he asked, nudging the guy walking beside him, the guy who was named Karaofsky, he thinks. He pointed to the girl.

"Oh, that?" Karaofsky laughed bitterly. "That's Quinn Fabray. If you want to be popular in this school, you should stay away from her and the rest of her loser friends."

"Except for Santana and Brittany, they're hot," another guy jumped in.

"Well, yes, Santana and Brittany are okay, but stay away from the rest of them, especially Quinn."


"Well, Little Miss Perfect Celibacy President got pregnant last year, and then she lied about the father for ages until Finn Hudson found out the truth."


"Yeah. She's a bitch, a slut, and a hypocrite."


Sam walks straight past the girl, but in his head he was thinking, she can't be that bad. She seems like a nice person.

That night, she's all he can think about.

He saw Quinn the next day. She was in a lot of his classes, and he was pretty sure he would fail all of them, because all he'd be able to think about was Quinn and how hot she was. The next day, he was in the courtyard, eating his lunch with a couple other football players, when this music started and all these random kids started to sing. "What's going on?" he asked.

"Glee Club."

"Oh." Sam bit into an apple. Soon Quinn came out of the shadows with two other girls, dancing and singing. She looked really pretty, in a "I Heart New York" shirt, black pants, a ton of jewlery, a baseball cap and sunglasses.

He was fascinated.

A few days later, he saw Quinn, but she was wearing a Cheerios uniform, and while she looked really hot in the red and white uniform, her blond hair pulled into a ponytail, he thought she looked equally, if not more, hot in her regular clothes. Just then, Santana Lopez, Quinn's supposed "best friend" came running at her, body slamming her into the lockers. They got in a fight, Quinn shouting about how Santana got a boob job and Santana yelling about how Quinn was a slut. There was a slap and hair pulling and lots of Santana slamming Quinn against the lockers and onto the floor, and just when Sam was wondering if he should intervene (but not wanting to look like a total dork and idiot in the process, because really, what guy would break up a cat fight between two girls?) the Spanish teacher and Glee Club coach Mr. Schu came running along, breaking the two girls apart. They both struggled to get out of his grip and scratch each other's face off, but Mr. Schu would not let go, and finally Santana walked off, with Quinn yelling at her to tighten her pony before she got to class.

Finally, Mr. Schu let Quinn go as well, and Sam saw her burst into tears as she ran into the girls' bathroom.

Sam wished he could follow Quinn, hold her as she sobbed her eyes out and assure her that everything would be alright.

Finally, Sam decided to join Glee Club as a way to get closer to the Head Cheerio. He stood in front of the classroom, introducing himself, and gave a little smile at wink at Quinn.

She smiled back, but then quickly looked away.

Mr. Schu made up a duet competition, and the winning pair was to get a free dinner at Breadstix. Sam didn't care one way or the other if he won, since he was new and had never gone to Breadstix, but Sam did view the competition as a way to get closer to Quinn. They were practicing in the astronomy room that day, when Sam tried to kiss Quinn. She almost let him, but then pulled back at the last second, running away, but not before telling him that she didn't want to be partners anymore.

He was crushed.

Finally, she decided to join him as a partner again, and they sang Lucky and won the dinner to Breadstix. Sam sat across from Quinn, smiling at her, and they talked as they ate. Finally, Quinn took the coupon and put it back inside her purse. "What are you doing?" Sam asked.

"We're not using this. You're paying."


Quinn sniffled a little, close to tears. "Because a gentleman always pays on the first date."

Sam couldn't help but smile.

Sam and Quinn were on Sam's couch, making out. He ran his hand over her smooth, tanned leg, gripping the shaved skin he felt there. His other hand was gripping the back of Quinn's head, and Sam's other hand instantly from Quinn's leg to her breast, hidden behind her cheerleading uniform.

"Sam... what are you doing?" Quinn asked, pulling away.

"Come on... give me a little something something."

"No, Sam. Something something always leads to something more. Been there, remember?" Sam groaned. "I really like you," Quinn whispered, pressing her lips to Sam's again. "The other two boyfriends I've had treated me horrible. Finn lusted after Rachel while I was pregnant, and Puck's idea of a fun date was me watching him play video games. At least you love me, treat me like a gentleman, do things with me I like to do... like make out. Just don't screw up, okay?"

It might've been because Sam touching her breasts stimulated her still active milk glands, but they decided to choose that moment to squirt out milk... all over her uniform, and a little onto Sam's arm.

"I... what was that?" Sam asked.

Quinn climbed off of him, horrrified, her cheeks turning bright red at what just happened. "Quinn, what's going on?" Quinn turned and ran out the door. "Quinn... Quinn!"

"Hey." Sam walked up to Quinn, pressing a soft kiss to her forehead. Quinn had been at her locker, talking about the latest fall fashions with Brittany.

"Oh, hey, Sam."

"What happened last night?" Sam asked. "Did I do something wrong... did I offend you or something? Because if I did, I'm really sorry. Why did you just run out like that?"

Quinn shook her head, hugging Sam. "It's not you, Sam. You're a good guy, and I love you. I was just embarrassed."

"About what?" Sam asked confused.

"I- well, you touching my breasts must have stimulated my milk glands, because breast milk came out... all over your arm and my uniform."

"Oh... that makes sense. But there was no need to be embarrassed, Quinn. I wouldn't have laughed or anything. You could've cleaned up, I would give you something else to wear..."

"I know." Quinn pressed her face into Sam's chest.