Sam and Quinn Icon Theme Submission Post

emilyfrancescax posted on Jul 23, 2011 at 05:30PM
Once a month, we have a Sam/Quinn icon and icon theme contest! We will have this topic and and topic where we all submit the icons as well!

It would go this way:

• First, everyone will submit theme ideas here, usually an episode or scenes that are similar (i.e. SQ at weddings or SQ in "Duets"), and I will make a pick where everyone votes on their favorite theme.

• Then, once the theme is chosen, people can start submitting their icons that go with that theme!

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over a year ago Albiee said…
what? x
over a year ago Nicky23 said…
Theme Ideas
*Sam and Quinn - "Special Education"
* S&Q - Season 3 moments
* S&Q - Kisses

I hope there ok? :)