Sam and Quinn Any song requests for a-dork-able Sam?

Astrid88 posted on Oct 16, 2010 at 08:16PM
So I was surfing the web for all thing Suinn when I stumbled across an interview of Chord Overstreet talking about songs he'd like to sing and he mention that he'd probably like to do some JT maybe a stripped down version of Sexy Back. Which I think would be super brilliant! Sexy Back or Lovestoned would be awesome songs that Sam could sing to Quinn. Espically Lovestoned.

What other artist and songs do you think would be awesome if Sam sang them?

Leave comments and let me know what you guys think :-)
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over a year ago neym said…
just the way you are - bruno mars. For duet i'll go for terrified katherine mcphee n zachary levi. Someone already mentioned it on gleeforum n i thought it fits perfectly for them. As for quinn i guess bubbly face-colbie caillat just like on one sam quinn fanvid we had would do the job.
over a year ago Astrid88 said…
over a year ago Astrid88 said…
I was reading a Vanity Fair interview with Chord Overstreet. And in his intervew he says that he's looking forward to singing Michael Jackson's "Beat it", "Smooth Criminal", and "Your Rock My World"

OMG I really love those song choices for him! I really hope he get's to do them. Especailly "You Rock My World" I can see Sam singing that to Quinn, who is so obviously rocking Sam's world with her pretty green eyes and her flirty, lady vibes.

Honestly I'm kind of SHOCKED that Glee hasn't capatailized on Michael Jackson yet. I mean he is the KING of pop. They should have made about 3 whole episodes dedicated to him like yesterday.

Chop, chop Ryan Murphy where is my Michael Jackson episode? Look now you have cutie pie Chord Overstreet praying that you ask him to do some Michael. Grant the boy his wish and dedicate a whole episode to Michael; were we find out that Sam is like obessed with MJ, and throw in some Mike doing some of MJ's crazy iconic dance moves, and don't forget to finish it off with Sammy boy serenading his lady love Quinn with "You Rock My World" and you've got yourself a show!

Hop to it RM.
over a year ago LadyOlanthe said…
Great choices-especially the MJ ones. x3 I've been thinking that he should sing "She Will Be Loved" by Maroon 5. I just think it's a way cute song and I've totally been thinking that Maroon 5 is perfect for Sam.
over a year ago final_fantasy17 said…
I have to agree with LadyOlanthe and neym
over a year ago Astrid88 said…
omg! She Will Be Loved is the perfect song for Sam! And what is even more perfect is that it illistrates Sam's relationship with Quinn to a tee. great songs guy!

Let me ask you one thing, what are your thoughts on Fabrevans singing Time of My life (from Dirty Dancing) at sectionals together? For it or against it?

Personally I'm for it. Why should Finchel all way get to hog up all the spotlight as leads all the time. Maybe that's why they never win. Because they don't have verity when it come to lead singers. They always just use Finn and Rachel. That can get a little boring. Besides why should Finchel always have all the awsomely romantic music moments? Sam and Quinn totally have the makings of what can be a major love story. I say let Sam and Quinn show us that.
over a year ago Lucky011 said…
I agree. they are like the perfect couple screw the rest of them
over a year ago boycrazy23 said…
your eyes from rent since Sam first said to quinn in avatar language that she had pretty eyes its a slow song a bit sad but it would be so perfect for them!!
this everyday love by rascall flats
elvis i cant help falling in love with you
they should do disney like a whole new world or beauty and the beast or can you feel the love tonight
far away or hero by nickelback
you and me lifehouse
HEs so hot they need to stay together i cant stand finn and quinn uhhhhh quam is so much better together shes so happy since the start of the show and hes so goofy and sweet and the promise ring was so romantic!!!