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Sam & Dean | I will carry you [seasons 9&10]

Sam and Dean and their relationship (mostly from Sam's POV) since acquiring the Mark of Cain and the First Blade up to the events in "Girls Girls Girls".

Sam & Dean - Brother

Fan video by catou121

I want to meet SamWinchester

Sam Winchester - Animal That I Have Become

Fan video by BlurryAngel07

Sam Winchester - "I'll Never Be Clean"

Fan video by Alina0405videos

Sam Winchester - I'll Never Be Your Chosen One

Fan video by Alina0405video

Sam Winchester - Don't Let Me Go

Fan video by Veronica White

Sam Winchester

video made by me :)
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Sam & Dean S4 - Run

Fan video by Deductism

Sam and Dean - Safe And Sound

Fan video by MissMillsonxx