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Fan fiction by mehshi posted over a year ago
fan of it?
Many couples are famous in world of media mean dramas and movies etc..but gunjan and semi is one of them which lies in heart of many fans..the most interesting thing about this couple is that they both are sweet..Both are couple of drama serial milay jab hum tum..
gunjan is an intelligent and innocent girl and also good sister..but samrat mean semi is naughty boy
and he is player of basket ball and hero of college and he also run away from study...
he teases to gunjan then slowly slowly they became friends of each other and their friendship turns into live..
actually their character and loe rocks in heart of their heart...
actually fan likes these type of interesting and amazing characters.. I always like dramas of such type...
and these type of love in real world make life beautiful but verry less chancesto accoure.........