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Sandor and Sansa Videos

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Morgan/Sandor/Sansa (AU/Crossover)

Credit: LadyC189

sansa+sandor | I die each time you look away

Credit: Sookie2502

object of your affection // Sandor + Sansa

Credit: RawerImALion

Sansa and Sandor Wedding || SanSan

Credit: ladybloodyvampire

Sandor and Sansa - Demons

credit; Kate Huber

Take The Fall For You - Jaime/Brienne & Jaqen/Arya & Sandor/Sansa

credit; DarkEleni

Sandor & Sansa: Shatter Me

Credit: Miss Jenna Productions

So much more than we were - Sansa/Sandor

Credit: FiryClaw
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Sandor & Sansa - The Scientist

Credit: Krystal91

[KSS] Ever After