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All Sandor/Sansa Scenes from Season 1

regret │ sansa&sandor [game of thrones]

The Sworn Shield (Sandor/Sansa)

a shattered face and broken wings || sansa&sandor

David Benioff on Sandor and Sansa

Haunted ~ {Sansa Sandor} ~ |Game of Thrones|

Heaven // Sansa&Sandor

innocence lost | sansa stark [ sandor clegane ]

Sandor Clegane | The Sweetest Thing


Sansa & Sandor

Sansa & Sandor || Always Find Me Here

Sansa Stark | Born to Die

sansa+sandor // please don't go

Deleted Scene Sandor/Sansa/Tyrion

fire and ice- sansa/sandor

Game of Thrones - Sansa & Sandor

sandor/sansa-let's make a mess

Sansa & Sandor - Skinny love

Sansa & Sandor Scene (S2E9)

Sansa / Sandor // All that I believe in

Sansa&Sandor//Fix you

Sansa+Sandor | 'there comes you to keep me safe from harm'

Sansa/Sandor / / Shattered

Sansa✘Sandor ♦ Secrets

Your Surrender - Sandor/Sansa

|| It's Just a Front ||

Little Bird and the Hound

Sansa & Sandor || Cosmic Love

:: YOU'RE TOXIC :: (sandor/sansa)

Angel with a Shotgun₪Sansa/Sandor

Bring Me Out (Sandor/Sansa)

Game of Thrones - Sandor/Sansa [ Рапунцель ]

Game of Thrones 2x06-Sandor/Sansa Scene

GoT - Sansa & Sandor - Illuminated

GOT - Sansa/Sandor She Wolf [#8]

Lie in the sound - Sandor/Sansa

Looking out my window (San/San)

love is like a sin || sansa+sandor [happy birthday cat]

One Your Saving (SanSan)

sandor & sansa // black is the colour of my true love's heart

Sandor & Sansa: Made For Me

Sandor x Sansa | GoT | Ships in the Night

sandor&sansa --9 Crimes

Sandor+Sansa | Poison and Wine


Sandor/Sansa || The world has teeth ○ 2x07

Sansa & Sandor • We love till the end

sansa & sandor ♦ set fire to the rain

Sansa & Sandor | Faded from Winter

Sansa & Sandor: Redemption

Sansa + Sandor | Somebody To Die For

Sansa and Sandor

Sansa x Sandor | Waiting Game

sansa&sandor ● pieces

Sansa&Sandor || {Fire In The Water}

Sansa&Sandor*In Her Eyes*

Sansa/Sandor - Demons That I Faced

SanSan - Frozen

Save Me Now | Sansa & Sandor

She could've had the world (Sansa/Sandor & Arya/Gendry)

the unrequited dream | sansa & sandor (game of thrones, 2x09)

This love will take my everything ■ Sansa|Sandor

With Or Without You (Sandor/Sansa)

[IFS] orchard of mines {jon&sam; sansa&sandor}

{sansa&sandor} - Between Two Points

I'm Golden (Sandor/Sansa)

SanSan - Little Bird You Can't Fly [GoT]

2# My Own Work Of Art (Dany/Drogo&San/San)

2x09-SanSan Scenes

Adore |Sandor/Sansa| het, Game Of Thrones, R

All my life, all I've craved is to be seen- Sandor/Sansa

◦Sanѕa Sтarк◦ Holding a нearт

can't live like this • the hound & the bird

Come, morning light - Game of thrones

dance with the devil | sansa

Do I End Up Happy? [Sandor x Sansa]

For a kiss › SanSan

Game Of Thrones - Sandor/Sansa Safe & Sound

Game of Thrones Couples // Everything Falls

i could be your perfect disaster | sansa&sandor

i need a hero ~ Sansa & Sandor

I'm in Charge-Sansa/Sandor (the hound)

It's you, it's all for you • Sansa|Sandor

little bird • sansa&sandor

Love you this hound [SanSan]

My Name is Death :: Sandor and Sansa

Sandor and Sansa -- the perfect couple

Sandor/Sansa - "I'm Listening."

sandor/sansa / / no happy ending

Sandor/Sansa || Flay You Alive

sansa & sandor - bones

Sansa & Sandor - Running Up That Hill

Sansa & Sandor - Safe and Sound

Sansa & Sandor - You're something beautiful

sansa & sandor / you were a kindness

sansa & sandor {together}

sansa & sandor | he is a bad boy with a tainted heart

sansa & sandor | I want you to stay

sansa & sandor | will i always feel this way