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Puffedwarrior posted on Dec 22, 2011 at 09:27PM
..because I'm going to start over. XD

Hello! Welcome to our retarded and stupid Clan! XD This is the new forum! Be as funny or stupid as you'd like, I really don't care. And honestly, this club is a joke, so don't get offended, PLEASE. Your names can be as funny as anything ^^ I will allow perverted comments, things cats normally can't do, and bad language(yes, I will actually allow that).

Leader: Pizzastar(Puffedwarrior) - an orange tom with red pepperoni dots
[Apprentice, Wafflepaw]

Deputy: DeanWinchester(TeamPeeta649)- a hot, muscular dark brown tom with brown eyes
[Apprentice, Breadstickpaw]

Medicine Cat: Honeycomb(XxEmolovexX) - a honey yellow-goldish she cat with purple eyes

Rumface(TeamPeeta649)- a redish brown tom with glazed gold eyes, who's voice is always slurred and stumbles a lot
Smexiifur(TeamPeeta649)- a beautiful, slender pure white she-cat with bright green eyes
Greenfart(Puffedwarrior) - an ugly poop green lesbian she-cat with a flat face
Lasagnafur(XxEmolovexX) - a redish male with purple eyes
[Apprentice, ScreamYourHeadOffPaw]
Butter(XxEmolovexX) - a yellow she-cat that has blue eyes and is lesbian
Noodle(-Foxfang-)- a small she-cat with a light tan color, light yellow eyes, and the most clumsy cat alive
Kiwi(-Foxfang-)- a fuzzy light brown tom with light green eyes
McDonaldsburger(Puffedwarrior) - white tom with the McDonalds sign on his head
Lollipopbrain(hellomia)-a white she-cat with red stripes like some lollipops are
[Apprentice, Doochepaw]
Pieface(PftFan99) -A Red She-Cat with black spots with pie all over her face that she never eats
Turkeytits(ipukerainbows) - solid brown with yellow eyes
Vulturevomit(ipukerainbows) - sickly green color with yellow eyes
[Appretnice, Emopaw]
BurgerKingwhopper(hellomia)-a brown tom with white specks on my whole body and has the BurgerKing symbol on his side
Silverfur(XxEmolovexX)- a silver she cat with dazzling blue eyes
[apprentice, Gothpaw]
Pervdot(Stevenmister14)- a white and red furred tom cat with one green eye and one blue eye
Diamondpelt(kittencutie119)- White she-cat with two black dots on my sides.
Slowmind(teamsalvatore98)- a neon-pink apprentice that is quite slow in the mind and acts like the stupidedest cat alive, male
SamWinchester(TeamPeeta649) - a hot, muscular golden tom with brown eyes
Slutfang(Butterscotch000) - A large, tall, smexy, slutty she-cat with dark black fur and a slutty collar and red eyes.
Confetti(Bluefire777)- creamy she-cat with rainbow flecks and fluffy tail with blue eyes
Cheeseface(Puffedwarrior) - a yellow she-cat with a craving for cheese, blue eyes
Idiotbrain(TeamPeeta649) - a gray tom with black eyes and a red dot on his forehead
iPodears(Puffedwarrior) - a pale light blue blue she-cat with an iPod around her neck and the Apple symbol on her chest
Stumpshit(TeamPeeta649) - a fat brown tom
Coweyes(XxEmolovexX) - fat black and white tom with huge brown cow eyes
Virginnomore(TeamPeeta649) - a light brown she-cat
Beerslush(TeamPeeta649) - all brown tom with gold eyes
Whineglass(XxEmolovexX) - brown she-cat with a red tinge and purple eyes
Whiskeyspit(XxEmolovexX) - brown almost grayish tom with yellow flecks and one gold eye and one purple eye
Martinicup(TeamPeeta649) - brown she-cat with purple eyes and a martini glass
Baconbody(Foxkit8888)- a dark brown tom with a body as bacon
Partypelt(Puffedwarrior) - a purple and pink polka dotted tom with girly blue eyes, bisexual
Dovepoop(Puffedwarrior) - light gray she-cat with blue eyes and white, gooey blotches all over her
TVhead(hellomia) - a black tom with a TV on his head that actually works shows
iCarlyface(hellomia) - a beautiful black she cat that has the iCarly sign imprinted on her head
Buttoneye(Puffedwarrior)- a large orange tom with one green eye and one red eye that looks almost like a button
Grapefruit(Phineas-Fangirl)- a small, fluffy purple she-cat with glowing red eyes
Suncookie(TeamPeeta649)- a fat and poofy she-cat with golden brown fur and sparkly silver eyes
Sparklepelt(TeamPeeta649)- a small, slender, sparkly, glittery sliver tom with dark brown paws, bright blue eyes

Emopaw(Butterscotch000) - A grey she-cat that is sad all the time. Yellow eyes. (Gothpaw's sister)
Gothpaw(Butterscotch000) - A darker grey she-cat that is stuck up with her nose in the air almost all the time. Purple eyes. (Emopaw's sister)
Feralpaw(Bluefire7777)- red fox like she-cat with golden eyes
Pooppaw(PftFan99)- a dark brown tom with light brown splotches on him
Breadstickpaw(hellomia)-a gray she cat that smells of breadsticks but a sweet smell and is beautiful
Doochepaw(Puffedwarrior)- a burnt red tom with black tail/paws/ears, likes guys
Wafflepaw(Foxkit8888)- a yellow tom with black stripes like a waffle.
ScreamYourHeadOffPaw- a hot pink furred she-cat with pale pink eyes.

Meatball(TeamPeeta649)- a small fluffy dark brown she-cat with red eyes. Mate: Pizzastar Kits: Buttoneye, Grapefruit, Suncookie, Sparklepelt
Lampshade(Puffedwarrior) - a tan she-cat with burning yellow eyes and a lamp shade over her head; Mate: TVhead, Kits: Potatokit, Carrotkit, Colorkit
Boobchest(Puffedwarrior) - a cream she-cat with a large chest and blue eyes, expecting. Mate: Beerslush

Adopted kits
Crazykit(hellomia)- a silver tom with sparkly body glitter and golden eye shadow.With really glossy lip gloss. Is gay.
Flirtkit(Butterscotch000) - A small dirty blond she-kit with flirty light blue eyes. Is annoying, one eye is dark blue and is very pretty
Titkit(Butterscotch000) - brown male kit
Ramenkit(Bluefire7777)- golden tom with green eyes
Lampshade's litter:
Potatokit(Puffedwarrior) - light brown tom with darker splotches and chocolate eyes
Carrotkit(Puffedwarrior) - the second, a bright orange tom with yellow eyes
Colorkit(hellomia) - third a rainbow colored she-cat with blue eyes

Sandwhich(Puffedwarrior)- a very, very, VERY pale brown tom with a fluffy tail and green spots; founder of SandwhichClan

[i]..because I'm going to start over. XD[/i]

[b]Hello! Welcome to our retarded and stupid Clan! XD T
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over a year ago Puffedwarrior said…
*smiles gleefully*
over a year ago PftFan99 said…
*chases a butterfly*
over a year ago hellomia_isback said…
big smile
Heyyyyy im back!!!!!!!!!!!!! On a different accounttt!! yayz it's hellomia!!!!
over a year ago Puffedwarrior said…

*pads over to Pieface and licks her eyes* MUCUS
over a year ago TeamPeeta649 said…
*dances with rum bottle* Drink up me harties yo ho! Yo ho yo ho a pirate's life for me! I love this song! -Rumface
over a year ago hellomia_isback said…
I love that ride!!!!!! Lets go to Disney!!!!!
over a year ago Puffedwarrior said…
*burps* I'd prefer not.
over a year ago smartone123 said…
(so we do stuff here :3)
over a year ago TeamPeeta649 said…
I got banned from Disney. -Virginnomore
over a year ago hellomia said…
OMG! How?!?!

over a year ago TeamPeeta649 said…
All I did was ask the churro guy for his big churro! He's the one who took it the wrong way! -Virginnomore
over a year ago TeamPeeta649 said…
0.e -Meatball

*fixes his make up* -Sparkleglitter
last edited over a year ago
over a year ago Puffedwarrior said…
*cracks up laughing* LOOOLLL!!!!
over a year ago TeamPeeta649 said…
*falls over laughing* -Idiotbrain

You are an idiot, Virginnomore. -Meatball

Am not! -Virginnomore

Are too! -Suncookie
over a year ago Puffedwarrior said…
*bounces over* Yes, you are! *wiggles bottom in her face*

over a year ago TeamPeeta649 said…
*hits Doochepaw over the head with a pan* Screw off, shrimp. And you, *points at Idiotbrain* quit laughing at me! *presses the button on his forehead* -Virginnomore

*goes flying into the air, screaming* -Idiotbrain
over a year ago smartone123 said…
Is on fanpop-fanpoppaw