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lovemoviesmusic said …
Amen to that(references to the description) I especially hate it when I tell someone "oh yea imma fan of it, it's cool" and because of that they think I'm a chic who's has EVERYTHING of twilight rather than just the books and movies Posted over a year ago
1fantwilight said …
hello im new got any advice Posted over a year ago
Kainana commented…
HA GGGGAAAAYYYYY over a year ago
LoveFredW said …
I'm not sane but I'll join Posted over a year ago
LoveFredW commented…
oh, and I'm a bigger HP fan over a year ago
LifesGoodx3 commented…
Lol I am too. over a year ago
1fantwilight commented…
im not sane but im joining it so im with lovefredw over a year ago