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The fans pick: 'Scrubs' as Elliot Reid
The fans pick: Scrubs
The fans pick: Scrubs
The fans pick: Maneater
The fans pick: OMG It's such an adorable name!
OMG It&# 39; s such an adorable...
It&# 39; s so weird! That kid&# 39; s...
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jonniboi said …
Sarah chalke you are the ideal girl!! I'm absolutely crazy about you! To be honest what i like so much is the cute innocent look you have especially on scrubs, along with your good sense of humour. I think your hairstyles on scrubs is one of the main things that made you look so cute and gorgouse. YOU LOOK AMAZING IN EVERY WAY SHAPE AND FORM! Posted over a year ago
hunter8217 said …

1.say your name ten times
2.say your moms name 5 times
3.say your crushes three times
4.send this to four other goups Posted over a year ago
SarahChalkeLove said …
I love Sarah Chalke soooo much! She knows who i am :') but im honestly COMPLETELY obsessed with her, anyone like me?? Posted over a year ago
neilandcobie commented…
Have U ever seen HIMYM (how i met your mother) Coz in the late 3rd season and the early 4th season she gets (almost) married and her name is stella.... over a year ago
neilandcobie commented…
BTW do u like my new icon over a year ago
SarahChalkeLove commented…
Love your new icon! Ive seen HIMYM yes, love the series that Sarah Chalke plays Stella:) Her birthday was on the 27th of August you know! over a year ago