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Sarah on Little Britain USA

Sarah tribute

Sarah & The Snowman

Scrubs : BTS Of my cold Shower

Sarah Chalke talk Maneater in ANS interview

Sarah in Nothing too Good for a Cowboy (promo)

Maneater - Dog Park Clip.

Scrubs: The Making Of My Princess

Sarah as Becky on Roseanne

Scrubs DVD release Interview

Outside the Box- Sarah , Zach and Donald

Sarah Chalke on Craig Ferguson 2009.01.19

Ask Sarah Chalke

Sarah S8 Interview

Scrubs- S6 Interviews with Sarah , Christa and Judy

Sarah Chalke Late Night with Conan OBrien 5/1/09

Ask Scrubs Part 2 ( sarahs in the End)

Scrubs cast farewell Interview

Sarah Chalke and Friend Leave Cracked Xmas II at Wiltern.

Sarah Chalke 12 years old

Sarah Roseanne Clip

Sarah At The 2007 Emmys

Behind the Scenes Of My Princess

Sarah backstage at Rachael Ray

Sarah on HIMYM rumours

Sarah Interview with Josh radnor

Sarah On Letterman October 08

Sarah Talking about season 8

the scrubs cast on how hot zach is

Behind The Scenes of Hanes

Sarah's Wedgie Dance

Be Wedgie Free-Security Cam

Sarah on How I Met Your Mother

Newbies -Scrubs dvd - Sarah Chalke

Christa Miller and Sarah Chalke's Scrubs Handshake

Sarah on The Late Late Show

Sarah Chalke "Hanes, be wedgie-free!"

Chaos Theory Trailer

Scrubs 'Nagger'

Scrubs 'Giant Adam's Apple'

Sarah Chalke: Imagine being married to elliot(complete with carla version)

Scrubs - Sarah Chalke speaks French

Scrubs - Elliott Reid (Sarah Chalke) in 6x10

Sarah Chalke

Sarah Chalke In Scrubs: Elliot and Turk Married Fantasy

sarah in scrubs (moment killer)

Sarah Chalke In: The 'Bu Episode 8

Sarah Chalke In: The 'Bu Episode 7

Sarah Chalke In: The 'Bu Episode 6

Sarah Chalke In: The 'Bu Episode 5

Sarah Chalke In: The 'Bu Episode 4

Sarah Chalke In: The 'Bu Episode 3

Sarah Chalke In: The 'Bu Episode 2

Sarah Chalke In: The 'Bu Episode 1

Sarah Chalke in Scrubs