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Opinion by artmanoussova posted over a year ago
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I am really happy for Sarah Jessica that she want to start working on new movie. I even have a story for the Sex #3. Carrie will meet at Furniture exhibition Aden and will get to know that his wife has a Cancer. So she will be really shocked and want to start help him. Finally, his wife will pass away and Aden will go to New Jersey for funeral. On the way back he will get at the car crash, but he will stay a life. Because, Carrie knew that Aden has three kids, she is willing to help him with. So she will go to the clinic and ask his permission to do it. So this is my line for Carrie. Charlotta will get tired to be at home so she wants to start her own gallery. When she will walk at downtown looking for the place, she will meet a big love of life of Samantha, Richard. He felt from stairs and now he is on the wheel chair. He will find a place for Charlotta's gallery her and Samantha are going to do a PR for the newgallery,She will meet Richard on the opening of gallery and they will talk and start seeing each other after that.Also turned out that Samantha has a 21 years old daughter Sandy.She will come to NewYork to find her Mom. So they will meet and become friends right...