Sarcasm Ways to say, "I don't care!"

Stelio2123 posted on Aug 21, 2008 at 06:05AM
Fellow sarcastic brothers and sisters. I have searched literally for days trying to find ways to say "i don't care". Since this is a very fundmental saying in being sarcastic, i find it paramount to have different and funny sarcastic ways to say it. Pretty much the only other one i found besides the obvious, is the very lame yoda way of "care i do not". Seriously, hopefully most of you will agree with me that the person who invented that should be shot.

Anyways, please help me because there seems to be no where on the internet that has answers. Any sites or suggestions would be appreciated and if anything, this should be fun to watch.

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over a year ago llerenaprincipe said…
who cares?
are u gonna do something about?
i care do not!
over a year ago axlluver43 said…
Wow, you know what? that's really interesting!
Yeah okay

I rule at sarcasm!
over a year ago emisa123 said…
care don't I
over a year ago krystylmomo said…
i don't care
over a year ago Mela1994 said…
Really, i didn't know that. Thats so interesting!
I really do not rule at sarcasm!!!!!!
over a year ago gannster said…
Talk about Snape killing Dumbledore, Stelio. Days of searchin and nothin to show for? You deserve a google globe award or somethin for that!

I got the page that links 1,000 of them on my first try. I'd link it, but I dont want to make things easy on ya. How ya ever gonna learn if we give ya all the answers? Where did yer mamma and I go wrong?

Meh, if I had more to give ya than some airborne coitus, I might have taught ya to use a friggin search engine or something.

Maybe you should pick up the phone and ask yer mommy, because nobody on this board gives a flying flaming farting monkey's turd anyway.

Does that help?
over a year ago gannster said…
Props to Stelio for actually asking a straight question here in sarcasm central! Takes balls to do that sort of thing. Pathetic showing for the rest of the site tho. 5 posts in 13 months. If thats the best this sarcasm group has to offer, I'll just take my master's robe now thanks.

Being the Jedi master of sarcasm of this fine noble group would of course bring me great honor that I in no way deserve but shall strive daily to be earn. I will, of course, pass my wisdom and knowledge on to all you show themselves worthy.

For those of you keeping score at home, the first paragraph was sardonic. The second was sarcastic. The first five replies in this thread aren't examples of sarcasm, but apathy.
over a year ago Immortal42 said…
"Oh, thanks. I was losing sleep over that."
"And I care because..."
"WOW! SOOOO interesting!"

And I have more, but I can't think of them right now.
over a year ago coole440 said…
Wow you call you're self a sarcastic person you sure do deserve an emey award *claps slowly* Just great I applaud you.
"Good to know"
"Ya sure"
"But I dont care *innocent face*"
"Yes but no but yes but no"
"Whatever you say bub."
"Ya ya ya."
"This is such a harry potter double feature moment!"
And the worst of all.
Hope I helped you dont need aany I bet considering that Emey award you got.
over a year ago Lelouch000 said…
throw hands up and say Sh**!
over a year ago PFEIFFER11 said…
When my moms says she needs help with something I say "that's nice." Or "so."or yell for my brother to do it.
over a year ago TomMoody said…
"I want to update my wardrobe"
"Do whatever makes you happy"

"Oh fantastic"

"My friends Dave and Max are so funny, they blah blah blah...."

"All these people you keep telling me about, they're YOUR friends"
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over a year ago boredeasily said…
I give a sh1t, ooh that's interesting, by all means tell me more ?
Ooh you really are cool !!!!
Sarcasm isn't always what we say , it is how we say it ! That said ,
This site is soooo cool , I will be sure to tell all my friends about this one ;)
over a year ago FancyPantalones said…
My field of fucks is barren.
over a year ago BurntCerealwft said…
Some say if you listen closely you can hear sound of me not giving a fuck
over a year ago yushens said…
Look at my cup of care... oh, look, it is freaking empty.