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spuffy47 said …
Ahhhhhh omgeee Sasha`s Sinners thats so AMAZEBALLS I`m spazzzing out right nowww!!!!!!! Posted over a year ago
big smile
3lzyx said …
Because she is the devil!
LOOOOOOL!!that's a good one!wow, I'm wondering how would she react if she saw all this insane fangirl activity?Her or!! Posted over a year ago
HouseAddict87 commented…
LOL! I was wondering the same thing like if they saw the Rizzles Spot or read some of the FF. They'd probably be horrified. Or extremely proud. Guess it could go either way. Haha, irony of that statement! over a year ago
Lie_to_Me_123 commented…
^ LOL Mari! Yeah I was thinking the same thing too. XD over a year ago
spuffy47 commented…
Lol I wonder if they troll their fangirls? over a year ago
Lie_to_Me_123 said …
OMS. This is so epic. Angie's Angels and Sasha's Sinners all in one day! *dies* Posted over a year ago
HouseAddict87 commented…
LMAO! We are CRAZY! over a year ago
House_Anatomy commented…
Crazy but EPIC! xDD over a year ago
Lie_to_Me_123 commented…
^ Oh TYPO. I meant w/o. :D over a year ago