bella's pov

We knocked at charlie’s door but no one answered but I saw his police car at the driving.
So I knocked again but still nothing.
“Renesmee stay here” I said and walked to the back door of the house that was still open.
I walked inside and yelled out for my dad again.
I opened the front door so Renesmee could come inside.
“Wait here at the door, if something is wrong. Yell and run” I said and she nodded understanding.
“Dad are you here” I yelled while walking now upstairs and knocked at his bedroom door and still no answer.
I opened it and the room was empty and after 10 minutes I searched the whole house.
“Mom Where is grand pa?” she asked me. I looked at her with not knowing eyes.
“Hey Bella” I heard a loud voice that both me and Renesmee jumped.
“Jake don’t ever do that” I said angry but he just looked at Renesmee.
“hey Jake” she answered to him
“hey Nessie, how are you doing? Are you still together with…euhm what was his name again?” Jake said to her and I couldn’t resist to smile but not where they could see it. I walked slowly into the living room.
“his name is Nahuel, jake. And I’m doing fine thank you” I heard her say to him from the other room.
“Jake my mom and me are wondering where grandpa Charlie is?” I heard her ask him so I walked into the kitchen again.
“yeah Charlie euhm well I’m not suppose to say anything to you” Jake said starring at me but I was getting angrier by the minute.
“Jake spill it out” I said angry towards him.
“But I promised Charlie” he said but changed his mind when he saw the look on my face.
“He wasn’t feeling well for a couple of days and he went to do some test in the hospital. So nothing to worry about” he said but I was now feeling kind of sick and worried.
“Renesmee go home and I’m going to the hospital” I said and I made it to the door when Jake suddenly stopped me.
“Bella I don’t think it’s a great idea. I mean with you being a vampire and then all that blood in the hospital” Jake said and he was actually right.
“Fine I’ll wait here for him. Renesmee go home and tell your dad That I won’t be home till my dad is home” I said and she nodded.
“I’ll go with her” Jake said and they both left the room.

I took a deep breath and walked into the living room and place myself into the couch and turned on the television.
I was watching a movie and when the movie was almost done, I heard a hard bang at the door.
I jumped out of the couch and ran towards the door and opened it.
“Daniel” I said a little irritated.
“We still need to talk” he said and he even tried to get in but I stopped him.
“NO no and no. go away Daniel. There’s nothing to tell. I died and now I’m alive again because I’m a vampire. So I’m immortal. So I’m fine and now go away” I said angry and slammed the door right in front of him before he could answer back.
I crawled back into the couch and I just missed the end of the movie.
“Great” I said and got up from the couch and looked at the watch. 2 hours already passed and Charlie was still not home.
“Bella” I heard a woman’s voice whispering my name.
“Who’s there” I asked slowly and a little frightened.
“Bella” the same voice called my name again and still in the whispering voice.
I walked slowly upstairs where the sound was getting louder.
“hello. Who’s there. Come out” I said and opened my old bedroom door and slowly walked inside.
“Hello” I asked again when suddenly I saw this bright light and then a woman just showed up. But I could see right true her.
“What…who are you” I asked her but we were interrupted by allot of noise coming from downstairs.
“Bella Bella where are you” I heard Edward’s voice yelling in panic.
I wanted to say that I was upstairs but it was like my voice just left me.
“Bella. It’s time” she said to me but I had no idea what she meant with that.
“Bella” I heard Edward’s voice closer so I looked beside me and saw him in the hallway but the door just slammed close right in front of him and me.
“What do you mean ‘it’s time’.” I asked her confused and a little in panic.
“You have to make a decision about your life right here and now” she asked me.
I was frozen and shocked by that question.
“I don’t think I understand what you are saying, what you are asking from me” I asked her but I jumped when I heard a hard bang at the door.
Edward is trying to get inside the room.
“There are three possible choices. Vampire, Witch or human again” she asked me softly
“Wait what. Why. I don’t understand.” I asked her and she moved towards me in a floating way.
“My sweet child it’s time, time that you will have a normal life, a life created by your own decisions and not made by others. You have to decide now.” She asked me but I couldn’t just make a decision like this.
“I… I need to think about this. I can’t just decide.” I said a little upset but the woman didn’t budge.
“I’m sorry but it has to be your decision. I’m expecting your answer now.” The woman asked me now a little firm.
“Can I just have a minute with Edward…” I started to say.
“NO, there isn’t time. Decide now or …” she started to say but stopped.
“or what?” I asked the woman.
“Die for good!!!” she said calm and I was a little more upset now.
“I have to decide if I want to be human, witch or vampire” I asked her to be sure.
“Yes, Bella you are a vampire, you are a witch and you are still part human” she said “it’s time to choose only 1 destiny.”
“Fine alright. Well I don’t want to be a witch so you can scrap that. I turned away from her so I could think about the other 2 options.
“If I choose to be human again, what will happen to me” I asked slowly.
“I can’t say but you will be having a life that regular people have, no vampires, no witches not anything that’s related to the supernatural.” She sort of said to me.
“And a vampire. Will I continue being who I am now” I asked her but she starred at me in a way that made me doubt that everything will stay like this but I could be wrong.
“Oh god. I have to make a decision that will effect not only my life but also the lives of my loved ones” I said upset
“Yes but you will see, only the decision that is made by your heart will put you on your right path.” She said so I closed my eyes thinking about the two choices I still have left.
I don’t want to be human anymore, it was never a life that I wanted. Meeting Edward years ago made my dreams come true, I love him.
I turned to the woman.
“I made my decision” I said and she nodded friendly.
“goodbye Bella” she said and I was surprised.
“Wait you don’t know my decision yet” I said but she smiled at me.
“If you made the decision with your heart then I don’t need to know” she said and walked towards me.
“Sleep now, Bella when you will wake up. You will be in the life you want to be in” she said and the light shined bright again and then everything turned black.