2 stories as promised :-)

Edward's pov

It’s been such a long time since I’ve heard anything from Bella but Renesmee keeps me going day by day. She already grown allot. She looks like an almost teenager while she’s just 2 and a half years old.
I stayed with my parent again because the cottage was hurting me so much. All of my memories with Bella made it so hard for me to move on. I’m glad to have Carlisle and Esme.

“Edward may I ask you something” Alice asked me in her tiny voice
“yeah sure what” I asked a little upset but I was glad she didn’t heard it in my voice or at least didn’t said anything about it.
“I was wondering, there’s this concert in New york over about 7 hours. But it’s somewhere in the dark side of New york but I really want to go but Jasper has plans with Emmett.” Alice asked me but I had no idea what she was trying to ask me.
“So what Alice, you can drive there on your own” I said back but she grabbed my hand.
“It’s a really dark side for a girl on her own” she said and I couldn’t resist to role my eyes and then suddenly Rosalie jumped next to us.
“I want to go too” she said and now I had to bring both of them to New york.
“Emmett can’t you take them” I asked him but he just laughed.
“Sorry little brother but actually I’m going too with Jasper but on a separate hour” he said and I just lost my fight with all of them so I nodded “yes” in the most slowest way I could image.
“Oh thank you” Alice said and gave me a strong hug and ran upstairs.
“it will do you good, to be away from here” Esme said with a smile and I smiled back.
“thanks” I said and gave her a hug too.
It was already an hour passed when I realised that we had to take a plane too New york.
“Alice are you ready, we still need to take a plane” I yelled and in just a minute she walked downstairs with Rosalie beside her.
“Fine we are ready” she said and we left off to the airport and then a trip to New York.
When we arrived there it was dark already.
“Alice do you know where we have to go” I asked her and she nodded with a smile and called a taxi.
We all got in and Alice said to drive us to “Dominios”.
The taxi driver first hesitated but Alice showed him some money and he drove off.
After 40 minutes we arrived at this bad and dark neighbour hood.
Alice and Rosalie both walked out first but I didn’t budge. I was just planning to bring them here and nothing more.
“Edward come on. We need you here” she said and I couldn’t resist her way and I got out of the car too.
The taxi driver took off in such a hurry, that it made us all jump.
“Look there it is” Alice said and we all walked to this place “Dominios”.
“yes can I help you” the guy said at the door.
“We are here to have a fun time” Alice said and the guy just smiled and let us in.
“Alice what did you mean with that” I asked her and she looked at me, knowing that I was not informed.
“I called this place and i asked what we needed to do to get in here and so he gave us a password and look where in” she said and walked deeper inside the place.
This place reminded me of that time we were at this place in Seattle, where I found Bella. Bella everything still reminds me off her. I can’t believe Alice convinced me to go with her and Rosalie.
“Hello can I help you” A woman came asking us.
“yes I ordered a place for 9 people on the name Suzannah Sway” Alice said friendly
“I’ll go check it out, wait here please” the woman said back friendly and walked away
“Alice ‘Suzannah Sway’ Why not use Cullen” I asked her but she ignored me and I hated it but something in her thoughts was telling me that she was keeping a secret for me and someone else. A person who calls Lena.
I didn’t ask her anything because the woman was already back.
“Follow me please” she said but we didn’t needed to far. It was a room with curtains that was separating us from the big room.
“Lena will be right with you” the woman said and left.
“Who’s Lena?” I asked Alice and I was getting a little more irritated.
“a waitress” she answered back but I was now more angrier
“oh really ‘a waitress’. Why is it that you have a secret towards her and me?” I asked now angry
She looked at me shocked because I asked her a question.
“Oh you’ll see. Hope you forgive me” Alice said but I still had no idea what she meant.
We waited for just a few minutes when suddenly the curtains opened and I couldn’t believe my eyes.
“Bella” I said and she starred at us shocked.
“What are you all doing here” she asked us in a hurry
“yeah Alice” I asked Alice now too
“Oh come on. You both or devastated of not seeing each other. Edward you are trying to live day by day and Bella, you are doing a job you hate just to make sure that you don’t have to come back to us” Alice said strong and a little annoyed.
“Look, what I’m doing is none of your business. I’ll sent another waitress” she said but before she left the curtains. I grabbed her hand.
“Don’t go, please. Can we talk” I asked but she nodded ‘no’.
“I can’t. I have to go” she said and we jumped when we heard another strong voice.
“LENA, are regular customers are here, entertain them” a strong and dark voice said to her.
“I’ll be right there, just ordering there drinks” she answered and turned back to us.
“You shouldn’t be here. Please.” She said while looking into my eyes.
“No, I’m not going anywhere. Not till we talk. Bella I don’t want to loose you anymore, so please only 10 minutes of your time” I asked her.
“Fine. But I have my last customer. I’m off in an hour then we can talk” she said and disappeared behind the curtains.
“Don’t mess this up, Edward” Alice said and Rosalie just sniffed.
After a couple of minutes another waitress walked inside with drinks.
“Lena will be right back, she’s just getting rid of some irritating customers” the new waitress said smiling and she giggled before leaving.
I couldn’t resist but laugh too.
“What?” Alice and Rosalie said synchronised.
“I was reading her mind and she wondered why I’m with two woman alone and a third one on her way” I said smiling
“Oh dear. Men!” Alice said laughing.
An hour had passed and I was getting a little impatient but we weren’t surprised to see Emmett and Jasper joining us now too.
Only 5 minutes later Bella walked back inside with some regular clothes.
“hey sis” Emmett said and I starred at him.
“Did you know?” I asked him and he smiled
“of course little brother we all did but you were to busy living day by day that you didn’t even read our minds” Emmett said and he was right. Since Bella left I never read a single mind till now.
“hey Emm.” Bella answered back and then looked at me.
“You wanted to talk” she asked me but before I could say something we were interrupted again.
“LENA, you need to get back to work, we are one waitress down” that same strong and dark voice yelled behind the curtains.
“No, it’s my time out this time. I’m not going back to work not at least for my other shift starts” she said angry while walking behind the curtains as well.
“You will listen to me. You will work now otherwise…” the guy said demanding
“Or what “you’ll fire me” go ahead and you’ll loose your best customers together with me” Bella said back and it was now very quiet and she walked back inside.
“So can we talk now” she asked and I nodded.
We took place in the other room next to our reservation.
“Why did you wanted to talk to me” she asked me.
“well how are you” I asked her first.
“Fine, I’ve been better and you” she asked me back slowly
“okay, I guess. Always trying to survive another day” I said with a swallow
“Edward please. You have no idea how hard I struggled with myself not to go back to you, to our daughter” she said upset
“why, why did you struggle. You are family and I miss you” I said but she only nodded even more upset
“I can’t” she said back and then it hit me. I really broke her heart.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry for breaking your heart, for every mistake I made. I wish I could turn everything back the way it was. I love you and it feels like I’m dying” I said and I sob just a little.
“Edward I’m sorry. I’m sorry please don’t be like this. I never thought you loved me this much” she said and I now starred at her.
“I know I made mistakes but my love was the one thing that was very real to me. I love you and I’ll never love anyone as much as I do you. So please come back with me” I begged her and I knew, she was struggling again but it was the only way.
I jumped up and kissed her. I missed those soft lips on mine, her passion and strength were still much alive.
I could feel she was kissing me back too just till she stopped instantly.
“I’m sorry” she said but I stopped her.
“Don’t be. You have no idea how much I want you. Everything about you makes my head twist. So please don’t say sorry for something I did” I said but now she was the one kissing me strong.
“LENA, What the hell” I heard that same strong dark voice again for the third time and it was getting annoying.
“What. Were leaving. Don’t worry about it” she said and grabbed my hand tight in hers and we jumped back into the room where Alice and the rest of the family stayed.
“Time for all of you to go” she said but I squeezed in her hand and she turned towards me.
“you too Edward” she said but I nodded ‘no’.
“come with us” I asked her
“No i… I just can’t yet. Please trust me” she said and she sounded a little upset.
“Bella…I…” I started to say. I found her and now I have to let her go. I couldn’t do that.
“Edward I love you and I know now that you love me too but allot has happened in those two years, so you have to give me time to settle things straight and then I’ll come home” she said but I couldn’t move.
“She’s right Edward, time to go” Alice said and they all dragged me away from her and I felt her fingers slipping thru mine.