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Bella's pov

The look on Edward’s face was actually pretty hilarious. He was annoyed that Alice bothered us right when we were in the middle of something and it wasn’t the only thing, she kept on talking and talking about the stuff that happened here.
“Bella you are going to be surprised to see your daughter” she said but I knew already. I had to admit that I came to visit them but in a random decision otherwise Alice would have know that I was close by.
“hmm” I just answered and I followed her inside and Edward followed us.
It was actually pretty strange to be here again but the place was still the same, nothing changed.
“Renesmee can you come down” Alice yelled and I kind of panicked a little and turned towards Edward.
“What if she hates me, what if she doesn’t know me anymore” I asked him but he laid his forehead on mine.
“She won’t hate you and she still remembers you as well. With her gift she showed me everyday her memories of you. She’s going to be happy to see you again” he said and I was already feeling better.
“MOMMIE” I heard a tiny sweet voice and I turned towards this young but beautiful child.
“Hey sweetie” I said back and she ran with all her strength into my arms. She hugged me so tight that I hugged her back pulling her off the ground.
I missed this feeling of holding her into my arms.
I don’t know how long I was holding her into my arms but Edward was giving me a sign to put her on the ground. I kept on nodding ‘no’ I wanted to hold her and I never want to let her go anymore.
“Renesmee let your mother go now. You will have plenty of time to hug her” Edward said. Slowly she was letting me go so I put her back on her feet.
I lowered myself to her size and starred into her eyes.
“You are such a beautiful and intelligent girl. I’m so proud of you for taking care of your father for me” I said and she smiled.
“Thank you mommie” she said and Edward touched her shoulder and she looked up and smiled before she ran back upstairs.
I got up and starred into his eyes.
“Well where were we” he suddenly said when he grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him.
“You are joking right. Here?” I said shocked and amused
“Oh right. I lived here since you were gone. The cottage reminded me to much of you” he said and for the first time I could hear the grieve in his voice, the sadness. What have I done!
“I’m sorry, I really am. I wish I could turn everything back when everything was great” I said and I wanted to turn away because I was really feeling guilty for causing him pain but he didn’t let me go. He only kept shaking his head.
“Bella no, no. stop please. It’s not your fault only. We both made mistakes and we had a rough time but we manage to handle it even if we were separate. Our love never died, it never got lost. Bella I love you and that will be forever” he said with such a loveable voice.
“I love you” I answered back and he grabbed my cheeks and kissed me so intensively but again we were interrupted by Alice.
“Edward…” we heard her say and I could hear Edward’s growl from under our kiss.
“What is it this time Alice” he asked her angry
“Here” she said while handing him something and he smiled.
“Thanks Alice” he answered back to her and then smiled at me.
“We love each other more then anything, right” he asked me.
“Of course I guess, why?” I asked him confused. Then he suddenly kneeled down in front of me.
“Isabella Swan will you marry me so we can stay together forever and ever” he asked me in the most loveable way that he could ask me.
I was kind of surprised that he even asked met that question again and I sort of didn’t answer him right away and seeing the look on his face made him kind of desperate.
“I…” I started to say when Alice suddenly interrupted me.
“Just say it already Bella.” She said and both me and Edward reacted at the same time towards her.
“Stay out of it Alice” and then we kind of laughed because we said it at the same time.
I kneeled right in front of hem and starred into his eyes.
“If you still want me, I would love to marry you” I said and then he kissed me before we even get back on our feet.
“let’s get back to the cottage, just the two of us” he said but I nodded no.
“no. I want this to be perfect and I want to settle a date for our wedding. I don’t wanna wait to long anymore” I said and he smiled and gave me a quick kiss.
“Oh Bella… Bella I want to arrange your wedding” Alice said instead of asking us.
“Well Alice. I’m not really into big weddings. I want it to be special and small” I said and she smiled.
“No worries. I’ll take care of anything. You and Edward should spend some time alone. So go to the cottage just you and him” she said and I couldn’t resist to smile.
“Fine but Edward and me decide the date” I said and I felt Edward’s hand grabbing my hand tight and he started to drag me out of the house.
“Edward” I said amused when he lifted me up into his arm.
“I can’t wait to be with you forever” he said and kissed me intensively.
“I can’t wait to be together for eternity” I said and now I kissed him back with the same intense as he did.
I don’t know where he was carrying me to but it wasn’t the cottage. But I didn’t care I just wanted to be with him.