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SAW: Fanpop Version

Hello Fanpop, I want to play a game. The rules are simple.

I'm making a fanfic based on SAW that I want you all to be a part of. I usually work on fanfics for TDI GwenXDuncan and Total Drama Fan Character pages but I decided to also put forth my skills here.

This will take place on an alternate storyline after Dr. Gordon has died of old age. A new game has started with brand new people, who will win the game and take over Jigsaw's legacy?

It's 1st come first serve. I need 3 of Dr. G's apprentices and a group of victims. There will also be a surprise appearance from some of the original cast of survivors.

Here is the skelly:
Picture or Description:
Apprentice or Victim:
Reason why your a Victim or Reason Why You are an Apprentice:
Custom Trap (Optional):

Game Over...

 NeonInfernoLord posted over a year ago
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