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HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAS ANY1 NOTICED THIS?

has any1 noticed that the gunshot in adams dead body is in a different place in the 2nd and 7th movies from the 1st movie and his shackle is on a different foot?
and if the bathroom trap was neva discovered how did they have detals on adam? is he alive or am i just going crazy?
and before any1 says it yes i know amanda tryed 2 kill him but he could have just passed out....
 mrshutcherson13 posted over a year ago
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Iheartdrwho said:
yeah i noticed, and i considered whether it might be a movie mistake because it pretty much concluded Adams death when it showed the flashback of Amanda suffocating him with the addition of beating him with the toilet lid and the remains of his bones have been seen in other movies but that is such a discrete detail, john specifically said "put his left leg in the shackle" so i don't know whether it was intentional or whether there's an extra bit to Adam's story unknown to us?..
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posted over a year ago 
angeleyes77 said:
I noticed it as the movies went on adam is alive how would the photos of the next victims come into play.
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posted 11 months ago 
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