Second Chapter- The Pure Origin of John Kramer

As we got to the warehouse, I looked at Dr. Gordan and asked,"So, what was my dad like as a person?" "He was truly amazing. Though what he did was controversial and probably wrong to others, he was in fact a sweet man. He loved life. He took the smallest things in life and made them into something that people should enjoy everyday. He died tragically, however." "Yeah, cancer's a bitch, huh?" "He didn't die from that. He died in the middle of a test. A man, an angry man grabbed a saw blade and sliced his throat. Everyone in that room died that night. Dr. Lynn, Amanda Young, Jeff, and of course your father." "Okay other than my pops,who are the rest of the others?" "Dr. Lynn was trying to help your father. I tracked her down, I drugged her, Amanda took her in, and they grabbed everything they could get to help him. Without a hospital or anything. Dr. Lynn is a fine surgeon, and I worked with her for many years. I felt bad for her." "Why? Was she a sicko that liked to lick cats and fly-swatters?" Dr. Gordan looked at me, disgustedly. I stopped giggling and said,"Sorry. Small joke from a anti-smoking commercial. It's about this chick that can't taste anything from smoking, so she licks all this nasty stuff from her outside house, so-" Dr. Gordan didn't find me very humorous so I said,"Sorry Doc, carry on." "Take this a little bit more seriously, Gideon. If you want to learn more about your father, then listen. As I was saying, Lynn wasn't all screwy and insane. She had lost her young boy in a car accident not that long ago at the time, her and her husband were divorced, and her young daughter lived with her clinically depressed ex-husband and just lived miserably." "Then, what was wrong with Jeff?" "Her husband? I just told you. He never forgave and forgot what happened to his little boy. He even ignored his young daughter." "That's harsh. So what was up with this Amanda girl? Is she related to this messed up Breakfast Club as well?" "No. She was one of a few of your father's apprentices. There was her, Mark Hoffman, Zepp, Art Blank, your mother Jill Tuck, and myself. I won't be on this earth forever. It's your turn, Gideon. Your turn to carry on this legacy." "What happened to the others? Why aren't they here in like some odd underground cult type thing?" "No Gideon, they are all dead." "H-how?" "Zepp was beaten to death by Adam. Adam was a person being tested. Amanda was shot in the throat by Jeff. Art Blank was shot as well. Mark Hoffman was locked in his own trap. He was left in there to rot by me. Damn fool never listened. He always wanted worse for the people being tested. Your poor mother tried getting Hoffman, but he killed her with a deadly trap that almost killed Amanda Young and himself. The Reverse Bear Trap. What a fine piece of work that was! But your poor mother. Your father wanted me to protect her always. Mark made a huge mistake that night. I'm sorry if this is upsetting you, Gideon. I mean, they were your real parents. I mean, maybe none of this would have happened if they knew you were alive." "So because of me all of this happened?" "You are part of the reason, but not completely." "Wow, do I feel like crap right now." "Don't. We have changed so many people over the years. There are new apprentices, but I will train you to be the best one." "Yeah, but Doc, I don't wanna kill anyone. This is just...odd to me. I thought this would be different. I thought I would go to college and follow in Robin and Kathy's footsteps as baby doctors." "No Gideon. You will be a surgeon. Just like your father and myself. I will teach you everything that you need to know about your father's legacy." "So, what do I do first?" "This takes time. This takes a lot of time. Your first test won't even come soon. It'll take baby steps. First, I want to introduce you to the apprentices. They have been waiting for you, and some of them are even around your age." We walked around the warehouse, until we saw four people. One girl, three guys, no getting out of here. Dr. Gordon looked at me and said,"Gideon, I would like to introduce you to Kat, Uri, Zuko, and Homer. They all started out as people that had harsh lives, but now see the light and can help you carry on this legacy." Kat introduced herself first to me,"I started out as an alcoholic. I ran away from home, started selling my body for money to strangers to fulfill their sick desires. One day, a tall pig with black hair came to me and drugged me. I woke up in a dark room, trapped in a reverse bear trap. I also had to kill the person in the room with me to get the key from her throat. Dr. Gordon came and taught me everything. He fixed me. This really works! He fixed me." I smiled uncomfortably at this girl. Okay, no matter how cute she was, she was a little branches short from a tree. The next guy beside of her, Uri, shared his sorrowful tale as well,"I sold drugs and conned kids from their money. I was treated horribly as a kid, so I wanted to treat other kids the same way as soon as I turned seventeen. One night, I found myself here, and after I escaped, I was free. From everything. I dedicate my life to this now." Zuko looked at me and told me,"I treated women terribly. I even abused some of my girlfriends. Dr. Gordon showed me that everyone is a human and deserves to live and be treated kindly." Then Homer told me,"I would get into fights for no reason. I hated people because of difference. I thought everyone had to be alike. I know now, that difference is good, so I'll carry on this legacy with you." Dr. Gordon smiled and said to me,"See Gideon? This helped these troubled people. Now, it's your turn. We will help you and teach you. I'll just leave you alone to get to know the apprentices." Kat walked up to me and asked,"So, what happened to you?" "What do you mean?" "How did you end up here? Besides being Jigsaw's son." "I lived a life of sheltering. I was home schooled, I started college, and now I found out that I have to do this legacy thing." "You're lucky. Very lucky. We all lived from the streets and everything. You had a good home. Never let go of that. Never go around bragging about it though! Especially to us. You may had it easy, kid, but you're gonna get a huge taste of what this place is about. You will get hurt, but you gotta pull yourself back up again. Act like a whiny-ass little kid, and I swear I'll hit your jaw so hard that you'll be beggin' for a reverse bear trap!" Jeez, if this chick wasn't so mean to me, I would actually go out with her! But I can't. She's going to be my apprentice, and I think there's a "no dating apprentices" rule around here. But I gotta get my head together and learn. This is just too complicated and I haven't even seen anything yet.